Combines instead of helicopters

Combines instead of helicopters

Passed without small two years as Sevastopol appeared in Russia., It seems, term sufficient for active work. During this time any results should be shown. They certainly are – but here, judging by that local mass media write, these "results" exclusively negative: against growth of welfare of the City government recession of industrial production made to 80 % from the previous, Ukrainian period. During this time not only new workplaces are not created, but there is a threat of that, as few remained shortly will are reduced.

Now real threat hung over one of the oldest production sites of the city – State Unitary Enterprise Sevastopolskoye aviaremontnoye predpriyatiye. It is remarkable that this aircraft repair plant worried all 23 years as now it is accepted to speak to "the Ukrainian occupation» and did not change the profile. And here according to the protege of the Moscow holding «Helicopters of Russia» of Alexey Tolmachyov who directs at present disorder of this ARZ, follows that: «If privatization and integration into holding does not take place, the plant needs to let out and repair only combines» – reported the Sevastopol information ForPost resource.

Aspiration of the management of helicopter holding to catch this tidbit of the urban area located in close proximity at the sea and having the berthing wall it is clear. After all actually primary activity of JSC Vertolyoty Rossii is implementation of large-scale construction projects. Now fixed assets of holding are thrown not on designing of helicopters, and on construction of own business center near the Paveletsky station. Plans of bankruptcy of the assembly enterprise in Kumertau under rather plausible excuse – its merge to the Kazan plant are considered. Earlier were planned transfer of the Rostov plant on a new place for the purpose of liberation of its territory for building of city objects. The modern name «a helicopter cluster» was for this purpose thought up.

Still earlier the plan on CB Milya transfer for a ring road and construction so-called «The center of the Russian vertolyotostroyeniye» – that is the usual construction project which does not have in the basis of anything the general with creation of helicopters was realized. After the actual defeat of CB Milya, a way of its re-deployment for Moscow ring, created by Sergey Chemezov and Denis Manturov, the helicopter holding passed to the system program – assembly of foreign cars in Russia. Thus minister Denis Manturov and his "godfather" Sergey Chemezov represent, the otvyortochny assembly organized in Russia, as the great achievement. And that Vladimir Vladimirovich did not guess that they arranged the actual defeat of the Russian vertolyotostroyeniye, to Putin promised to make the so-called high-speed helicopter. It is strange that the national leader trusts in these promises. And, nevertheless, the trust is caused rather by Alexey Tolmachyov’s words about repair and assembly of combines on one of the Russian ARZ which till this time specialized on performance of major maintenance of helicopters of a design as Mikhail Milya, and Nikolay Kamov.

By the way, now the holding «Helicopters of Russia» started destruction of CB of Kamov. For the purpose of liberation of the next building site in the Moscow region, all kamovets move in liftovy halls of «The Russian center of a vertolyotostroyeniye». New «the design collective», rather similar to "gop-company", will be, on hearings, to be called whether "Mika", whether "Komi". Generally, шустрят brothers far from aircraft effective managers, while all of them not пересажали. Vladimir Putin is remembered asked a question to the Russian militiamen: «Where landings?». It seems that inspectors of this question did not hear …

So that Alexey Tolmachyov is really right, it is better to Sevastopol ARZ to pass to assembly and repair of combines. Plant inclusion in the Russian helicopter holding will make of it a usual building site. By the way, to the same conclusion sevstopolets who for incomplete two years on itself already felt all "delights" of the Russian reality came also.

The headed plant Alexey Tolmachyov, worked before as the director for production at the enterprise in Kumertau, which is now the actual bankrupt and to hide this "achievement" the management of JSC Vertolyoty Rossii decided to unite it with the Kazan plant. By already established tradition for visiting "experts" from the continent it became clear that earlier Alexey Tolmachyov had problems with the law. Passed on criminal case No. 8190417 from 7/1/1998 in GOVD of Kumertau under article 213 the criminal code of Russian Federation (hooliganism). But business "hushed up". Thus, it is possible to note that the Sevastopol ARZ the ordinary hooligan now operates. It and no wonder, is possible, therefore governor Sergey Menyaylo and appointed it to direct plant without any competition.

But a problem actually not in Alexey Tolmachyov and the Moscow construction holding which for some reason is called as "helicopter". A problem that the present Sevastopol power is incapacitated. Having received in the property plant, deranged governor Sergey Menyaylo instead of relying on local professionals and to hold competition to a position of the director general of plant, at once decided to get rid of this asset. Exactly for this purpose it also coordinated appointment to the post of the general director of plant (and without it this appointment never would take place) the liquidator sent by the management of the Moscow holding.

Judging by that occurs in the city, the acting governor, being a puppet of envoy Belaventsev, hurries to fall down from itself all city assets, that, upon, for what not to answer. The same destiny already comprehended also the main city-forming enterprise – «The Sevastopol sea plant» which from an easy hand of the deranged admiral turned into branch to the doubtful "Asterisk" which has wallowed in financial frauds.

Belaventsev’s unsystematic puppet "will finally fill up" a situation in the city soon. For that the overland admiral did not undertake, everything falls. The impression is made that he specially prepares the city for the next revolt.

Here only why it is to envoy Belaventsev – unclear … The in itself admiral-business executive from itself does not represent anything: constant confused meetings in a mode of non-feet on which Menyalo smokes incalculable quantity of cigarets, spoiling health of people around, only strengthen confusion. Better he for stimulation of brain activity would eat chocolate, probably, to sense from it would be more.

And recently, probably, once again, having fairly smoked, deranged governor Menyaylo lit up idea of helicopter transportations. The governor declared:« We counted an economic component of the project. It rather perspective. Now to reach to Simferopol by a taxi costs about 2,5 thousand rubles. Flight from Sevastopol to Simferopol will cost 600 rubles and will take only 20 minutes of time. For passenger traffic it is planned to use MI-8 helicopters. In the helicopter there are 20 seats, and such «the heavenly bus» can carry out on нескольку flights in day». That the governor of Sevastopol to us smokes it is for certain not known, but here that he really is not on friendly terms with the head is the fact. The Mi-8 helicopter, as it is known is not certificated for passenger traffic in civil aviation. But it not the most important, it is used as transport on a special purpose and passengers can transport. Eventually, in Ministry of Transport or Rosaviation will draw any permission. In Russia, judging by what planes use ours «domestic airlines», it not a problem. But here with arithmetics at Menyaylo really problems. The Mi-8 type helicopter in an hour of flight consumes on the average 610 liters of aviation kerosene, consumption of oil makes about 5 % from fuel volume. Thus on dvadtsatiminutny flight will leave much more fuel, than on more extended as a share of operation of engines in a mode take-off landing will be higher. At calculation it is necessary to consider still variable costs (expendables and spare parts for THAT), costs on capital and unplanned repairs. Crew salary, insurance and amortization …

According to the most conservative estimates about 1450-1760 US dollars at an o’clock of summer learn. 20 mines of flight respectively promised by the governor make 1/3 hours. That is only a factor cost counted on a minimum makes about 438-587 US dollars. We multiply by a current rate 66,0 and we divide into number of the passengers specified by the admiral (under condition of a full load, certainly), we receive – 1445,40 – 1937,10 rubles. And it only costs of transportation of one passenger at a full load of flight. As Menyaylo counted 600 rubles, unclear. Probably at school it had very bad marks on arithmetics. The most interesting that was not in city administration of anybody who would correct the unlucky admiral. But it and is not surprising, judging by that occurs in the country, it the former poor students now govern.

In the city it long ago understood and consequently people who know a situation firsthand attended to destiny of plant. The working enterprises addressed with the collective letter concerning the critical situation developing at plant in which it was said that the administration sent from Moscow instead of being engaged in production development, actually destroys successfully working enterprise is no time. The former director of this ARZ told that in the course of repair of MO Russian Federation helicopters on GOZU the unrecorded accessories are used, which enterprising Moscow heads force to remove from the old helicopters which have remained at plant still since the Ukrainian times. But after all within GOZA money for complete set purchase on a full cycle is allocated. There are questions: where these means within holding left and how to be with safety issues? Concrete data are provided even:« for the helicopter MI-8 95407 which has arrived in repair according to the order of administration of the spare part act in film from cars MI-8 95353 and MI-8 3130». And organized during the late Ukrainian period a narcotraffic employees SBU supervising plant, having destroyed the personal records, now were closed up gallant by Fsbshnikami. All these questions demand check.

Also it is told about the 300th million rubles which allegedly the holding management directed earlier on enterprise development. But, as it is reported, this money did not reach at all plant, and "was dissolved" somewhere in a subsoil of menyaylovsky administration. There in general a lot of things is lost. Probably, the plant also will be sold" for this money to holding «Helicopters of Russia» – well not to return long ago the spent means.

There is a lot of questions, but sense one – the city administration is incapacitated. The only thing than it is occupied, so it embedding of city assets in various thieves’ Russian structures, such as holding «Helicopters of Russia» to which these assets are necessary not for development, and as a pretext of a vykolachivaniye of additional money from the Russian budget, allegedly on their development. But to develop anybody gathers nothing.

And why to develop plant? After all, in this case, it is possible to leave without experts very close JSC Vertolyoty Rossii for the head the foreign enterprise AAL Group Ltd., at which the best experts of the Sevastopol ARZ now work. For example, quality there directs, earlier holding a similar position on the Sevastopol ARZ, the lieutenant colonel in resignation the Potter, directs a brigade of collectors very qualified expert from the same plant Valentin Mironov. All experts who have been earlier taken out from plant, have categories not below 5-6.

If the Sevastopol ARZ earns on full force, there is an option that all of them will come back home. But then partner to the general director of holding Mikheyev the enterprise in the Emirates can stop the work, and here Alexander Aleksandrovich in any way cannot allow it, after all through similar structures it is possible to deduce most effectively funds of holding «Helicopters of Russia» for foreign accounts.

Recent appointment of the amnestied criminal – secret «the hero of Russia» Anatoly Serdyukov the curator of aviation branch in ROSTEH Group installs serious fears of that the Sevastopol air enterprise will be shortly destroyed. And on its place there can be an inhabited quarter in which, in the neighbourhood, assets of the present partner of envoy Belvaventsev on business in the territories entrusted to it – the former minister of MO of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev will take place. Puzikov’s next wheelbarrow which the present curator of aircraft РОСТЕХа Serdyukov will use, probably Sergey Chemezov to itself will want something, well and so on … More shortly, the branch of Rublevka in Sevastopol has every chance to appear soon.

Well and workplaces? And it is not a subject of care of envoy Belaventsev and governor Menyaylo. And quicker to fly on "affairs" to Simferopol, at the initiative of the same Menyaylo, nearby will create a helipad for itself darlings, and tickets will date from the city budget.

So it can be reorientated to release and repair of combines how it was specified to the Sevastopol ForPost edition by Alexey Tolmachyov really better? In this case though work to people will be provided …

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