In Israel declared that onboard А321 there was a bomb

In Israel declared that onboard А321 there was a bomb

Crash of the Russian passenger A321 airliner over the Sinai Peninsula most likely is connected with explosion onboard. The specified statement was made by the Minister of Defence of Israel Moshe Yaalon.

According to the Minister of Defence, proceeding from those data which Tel Aviv has, most likely it there was an attack of terrorists. Words of the minister are transferred by Reuters.

It is important to note that before the Israeli authorities refused to put forward any reasons of crash of the Russian plane on the Sinai Peninsula.

Earlier it was reported that on November 9 the authorities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain told to the Russian side of confirmation of that the plane of the Kogalymavia company of Airbus A321, failed as a result of bomb explosion onboard.

The reason of a plane crash becomes clear. The experts who are engaged in investigation of accident, put forward various versions happened, among which: explosion in the engine, put onboard an explosive device, and also attack of the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

In the morning, on October 31, the Russian A321 plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, but, without having reached the destination, for the obscure reason failed in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. Aboard there were 224 passengers from whom 25 were children. All of them were lost.

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