In Kogalymavia found responsible for luggage loading to А321

In Kogalymavia found responsible for luggage loading to А321

In the plane of "Kogalymavia" А321 the special hendlingovy company having the contract with the airport was engaged in performance of loading of luggage and a food. Employees of a carrier do not supervise this process. It to LifeNews TV channel declared the official representative of TNS holding in whom "Kogalymavia", Oksana Golovin enters.

This company, according to her, should be responsible for that aboard there was an explosive device. «As a rule, at the airport there can be one, at most two hendlingovy firms», – marked out Golovin.

She emphasized that the staff of airline and crew of the plane has «no any relation to process of loading of luggage and a food in the liner» therefore cannot be responsible for emergence of alien subjects in a luggage compartment.

«At us it was not primary any other assumptions concerning the tragedy, except as extraneous influence aboard the plane. We waited, when the official version» will be sounded, – she added.

The director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov at the meeting which has passed in the Kremlin on evening on November 16, reported on the president of Russia Vladimir Putin that as a result of the carried-out examinations on personal belongings, luggage and parts of the plane traces of explosive of foreign production are revealed. According to him, explosion of a self-made bomb in capacity to one kg in a trotyl equivalent became the reason of a plane crash of "Kogalymavia".

The Airbus A321 plane of the Kogalymavia company flying from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, broke on October 31 on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. In total 224 persons (generally Russians), being onboard, were lost. Responsibility for accident was declared by fighters of the Vilayat Sinay group which has sworn on fidelity of the organization forbidden in Russia «The Islamic state».

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