Ka-62 will receive unique avariyestoyky fuel system

Ka-62 will receive unique avariyestoyky fuel system

Walls of a tank are executed from the unique material, capable to maintain falling from height of 15 meters.

Maneuverability or protection – a choice to which many designers developing the new helicopter give in. And only Russian manage to combine the incompatible. Bright to that an example – not killed "Crocodile" of Mi-28 and new passenger Ka-62.

At the moment engineers of Tekhnodinamika holding finish work on avariyestoyky fuel system for a new Russian revolving object. In a current of two years they managed to develop the unique fuel tank, capable to maintain falling from height of 15,2 meters.

To maintain is means not to allow fuel penetration outside even at the most severe blow about the earth. Drops. The most surprising that to the Russian designers was possible to carry out an objective. Tests are successfully passed – the fuel tank with thickness of walls no more than 2(!) mm maintains overloads in 20 g and falling from 65 foots. Differently, completely corresponds to the European standard of safety.

The unique multilayered material from which the tank is executed, is capable to function at temperature drops from plus 55 to a minus of 60 degrees. According to the head of the Center of design of holding Victor Nikolenko, the first flight of the car with new fuel system it is planned for the end of 2017. And in 2019 the system will be successfully integrated into a mass production.

I will not be surprised, if over time the new Russian material is involved in a design of our fighting helicopters. Perhaps, and "Crocodile" with «The night hunter» will be modernized by the Russian know-how.

Evgeny Prosvirin

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