The Iraq helicopters struck blow to terrorists in Syria

The Iraq helicopters struck blow to terrorists in Syria

Helicopters of the Iraq Air Force struck blow to alleged helpers of terrorists in Syria, report foreign editions.

According to some information, group of people tried to get illegally on the territory of Iraq. Therefore the decision on elimination of violators directly in the territory of Syria was made. According to preliminary data, during attack from air about 8 people were destroyed.

"The army struck blow to a column of fuel trucks in the Syrian territory in attempt of penetration into Iraq for the purpose of providing fighters of group "The Islamic state of Iraq and Levant with" fuel", – quote foreign mass media of the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iraq Saada Maan.

Let’s note that it is the first case when the military personnel of army of Iraq performs fighting operation in the territory of the next Syria. Thus actions of Baghdad were not coordinated with representatives of the operating Syrian authorities.

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