Owners of Transaero strike back

Owners of Transaero strike back

The aviaregister POPPY (AR POPPY) is compelled to suspend in Russia all issued certificates of type on Boeing 737 family planes before receiving joint confirmation of Rosaviation and an aviaregulator of the USA (FAA) about a safe condition of the liners which were in our country. About it it is told in the letter of the head of AR POPPY of Vladimir Bespalov addressed to the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko and the deputy administrator of FAA of Peggy Gilligan. The letter is dated on November 4, its copy was published on a committee site, but in the evening on Thursday is removed. Bespalov explains the decision to that the Rosaviation and FAA corresponded more than a year about need to finish a control system of Boeing 737 elevator, but information on completions is not present.

The representative of POPPY was inaccessible yesterday to journalists. «Top managers of ["Aeroflot"] cannot explain this decision not than other as revenge from Pleshakovs», – the person close to a state company speaks. The permanent chairman of POPPY since 1991 is Tatyana Anodina – mother of the largest shareholder (46,55 %) Alexander Pleshakov’s "Transaero". The company with great strides goes to elimination. At first the government appointed its sanator "Aeroflot" and when the carrier left the transaction, decided to bankrupt the company. Did not change a situation and emergence of «the white knight» – the co-owner of S7 Vladislav Filev. Even on the contrary, as soon as it began known about its intention to buy and rescue "Transaero", the state cancelled the certificate of "Transaero" and deprived the company of all admissions to the international lines. As a result Filev refused the transaction.

«A week ago "Transaero" certificate – the largest operator of Boeing 737 in Russia was withdrawn. And here, in fact, the shareholder of the company decides to stop these planes – a conclusion do», – the federal official speaks. Thus POPPY does not submit to the Russian authorities as it is nadgosudarstvenny body. Appoint and oust the chairman of POPPY heads of 11 countries – the republics of the former USSR.

The Rosaviation knows about the solution of POPPY, but the letter original in department still is not present, and the committee management on communication does not leave, the representative of Rosaviation speaks. Therefore today, on November 6, the regulator will hold meeting with participation of airlines, heads of POPPY are invited to it also, he adds.

The Russian companies have more than 200 Boeing 737, the president of Association of operators of air transport Vladimir Tasun speaks. All of them will rise in case of the introduction of a ban in force, «wherever their planes were registered», the former top manager of one of airlines speaks. Completely will stop "Victory" and Orenair ("daughter" of "Aeroflot") «, the Globe» (enters into S7) and Nord Wind, is ascertained by the manager of the Russian airline. «The solution of POPPY unreasoned, the bases which are given in the letter, are insufficient and even are amazing», – Tasun is indignant. However, it is sure that POPPY has no powers for such decisions.

POPPY will certificate new types of vessel and after that the Rosaviation allows to maintain to airlines these planes in Russia. «If POPPY stops the type certificate, the Rosaviation should notify airlines on impossibility of further operation», – the federal official explains. But the Rosaviation of it will not do, if POPPY does not present very telling arguments. And even if POPPY will insist, decision passing through Rosaviation will be long, during this time it is enough to State Duma to make changes to the Air code of the Russian Federation and to refuse services POPPIES, the top manager of large Russian airline argues.

"Utair", "Aeroflot", "Globe" continue Boeing 737 operation, representatives tell them. Boeing press service did not answer request of "Sheets".

Alexander Vorobyov