War – war, and money – money

War - war, and money - money

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine ordered to the Zaporozhye concern "Motor Sich" party of Mi helicopters. Anything similar did not happen in all 23 years of the Ukrainian independence! The first helicopter assembled at aircraft repair plant in the Belarusian Orsha which co-owner is "Motor Sich", is already accepted by the Air Force of Ukraine.
Someone grumbled that Zaporozhetses «were on sale to the Kiev junta shooting at the people». The pier, now the helicopters sent on business by the Kiev junta, to rebels of the Southeast will force down more difficult – engines here more reliable. Possibilities to force down much less.

Here supposedly the chief Antonov corporations (Kiev) Dmitry Kiva resisted to Airbas concern attempts in muddy revolutions water practically for nothing to receive what in a normal situation it not to buy not at any price – and the Hero of Ukraine dismissed. There was it not so long ago. And less than a month ago the patriot dismissed.
After Kiva’s dismissal полыхнула alarm: «Who following?!» Helicopter pilots appeared the following. All thought that Kolomoysky will gobble up Zaporozhye which is close located to an ancestral lands Kolomoysky – to Dnepropetrovshchin. But the head of "Motor Sich" received госзказ from the government of Ukraine (interestingly, from where denzhonka – one and a half million dollars – whether Russian are money?). After all "Motor Sich" has a contract with Russia on 5 billion dollars.

The Motor Sich concern annually transferring into budget of Ukraine billion dollars taxes, not only did not lose the 5-milliard contract with Russia, but also managed to prove that normal life of working people is more important than any interstate dismantlings.

The need of the Ukrainian economy for specialized helicopters not only for landing transportation, but also for processing of crops, suppression of fires, for sanitary aircraft, is estimated approximately at 400-450 cars.

And the need for them is much more than Russian economy! Especially on routes of regional aircraft where there is no place for "Boeings" and there is no money for "Boeings".
Zaporozhetses also assemble the latest helicopter engines near St. Petersburg. And while nobody covered them. Assemble engines for the Russian helicopters. Means, cooperation between Ukraine and Russia proceeds.

The Airbas concern angry with safe completion of tests of the An-70 military transport plane, kory too do in Ukraine, more perfect and much cheaper, than «А400М» French "batch", before anything did not stop if only not to allow a mass production of the plane from which, according to serious professionals, Frenchmen tore off almost all main technical solutions… "An-70" even won the western tender, but everything came to an end only compliments to his authors and the copying adjoining on frank theft… Fans to open plots did not hold back in the comments on the Internet that hardly expenses of Frenchmen were limited to "a high state award» to the most vigorous critic of "An-70" to the former commander-in-chief of the Air Force of Russia Vladimir Mikhaylov, nowadays the chief of management of programs of military aircraft of OAK.

Dear Deputy Prime Minister supervising the defensive industry of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, cockily promised that Russia will adjust at itself production of everything that Ukraine makes. But on closer examination the doubt that Rogozin’s obeshchniya – reality creeps in. For shots solve everything. And all experts in Ukraine.

Anatoly Ochernyaev

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