Flight 9268: the chronicle of diving aircraft of the Russian Federation

Flight 9268: the chronicle of diving aircraft of the Russian Federation

In Egypt the plane which was carrying out a charter flight of 9268 from the Sharm-esh-Sheykha broke. Onboard there were Petersburg tourists who used services of tour operator of Brisco. After the tragedy one of the former clients of the company declared that "Kogalymavia" maintains the liners being in a critical condition. Experts in turn speak about good reputation of a carrier, however add that the Russian companies often buy the old planes which were in bad condition which flied earlier in Congo and Lebanon.

According to all available data from, onboard Airbus-321 there were 212 passengers and seven crew members. Earlier it was told about 217 passengers. Flight was charter, it was served by Kogalymavia airline which cooperates with tour operator of Brisco. The liner took off from the Sharm-esh-Sheykha at 6:51 Moscow time and at 12:20 should arrive in the Petersburg airport "Pulkovo". According to preliminary information, during flight at the plane some onboard devices then the pilot requested from the dispatcher of the airport in Cairo permission to emergency landing refused. After that the board ceased to contact – from the moment of a departure by then passed 23 minutes. Falling, the liner burned down and collapsed on two parts. Later a couple of hours the Egyptian rescuers among Airbus-321 fragments found flight recorders in the Sinai desert. In a plane crash nobody survived, reported in some hours the Russian embassy in Cairo.

According to the main version, crash occurred "for technical reasons". At least, it declared the authorities of Egypt. As the head of Association of civil aviation "Airport" Victor Gorbachev noted, the version according to which terrorists could blow up the plane, seems to it improbable: fighters do not attack charter flights. Besides pilots contacted. «I do not believe that any terrorist had a rest two weeks in Egypt, and then on the way back to Petersburg blew up the plane», – the expert emphasized. In his opinion, the equipment onboard refused. Information on terrorist attack was disproved also by Egypt. Meanwhile, according to the test pilot, the hero of Russia Mahomed Tolboyev, in all respects onboard there was an explosion which instantly everything disconnected then communication with the liner was lost. Otherwise pilots would remain on communication and continued to give information to dispatchers.

According to mass media, earlier the plane maintained in Lebanon, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. To the liner was 18 and a half years (now the State Duma plans to consider the bill of a ban to use liners which more than 15 years). According to Mahomed Tolboyev, the Russian airlines often get old planes which were maintained earlier worldwide, for example, in Congo. He considers it as a problem, however the Rosaviation allows such boards for flights. Meanwhile Victor Gorbachev considers age of the broken liner normal: in the USA and Europe planes which are maintained for 20 years fly. Besides Airbus is the liner of the international standard. In turn the Kogalymavia company proved as the checked carrier, follows from his words.

Other point of view at a number of clients of tour operator of Brisco which uses "Kogalymavia" for transportation of tourists. «In due time I with a family flied to Charm from Brisco, there was a decent plane, and here back I prayed every second, that we reached! The plane was in an awful condition!» – the client of firm Irina Usova declared. The similar response on a site of airline was left by passenger Elena: «We flied in the winter to Egypt. Both there, and back there were very heavy takes off and landing, on take-off once was distributed very loud crash together with a smell of burning». According to Elena, the crash proceeded during all flight, and in a landing time the plane strongly shook.

The pilot of the first class, the captain of airbuses Andrey Litvinov noted that Airbus – very reliable plane, breakages happen, but such to lead to catastrophic consequences, as today, very seldom. "Certainly, if the plane not new – and to it is 18 years – anything can occur. It is necessary to understand, what service it had. As a rule, the small companies which эксплуатриуют old planes, save on service. If the plane sharply fell, it means, serious breakage – if to exclude intervention of external forces", – the pilot on air of the channel "Russia 24" told. Weather, in his opinion, hardly could affect – on airbuses very qualitative locators therefore it is improbable that the plane could fly simply in a thunder-storm and fail.

The chairman of the Central Committee of the CPRF, the head of CPRF fraction in the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov declared today that circumstances happened should be found carefully out. "I consider that time for parliamentary investigation of the general situation in the Russian civil aviation" came, – it is sure.

In the history of "Kogalymavia" were both failures, and tragedies. In 2010 at the Iranian airport one of planes of a carrier made rigid landing after which at the plane chassis broke and the tail plumage flew away. The reason of emergency landing – an indisposition of one of passengers. As a result of 40 people, flying that flight, were traumatized. And in 2011 the Tu-154 plane burned down in Surgut, three persons as a result were lost.

Now in Crown Plaza hotel which is near "Pulkovo", the operational staff on work with relatives and relatives of victims is created.

Information on that the plane really broke, the Russian side did not confirm long time. When Egypt declared the found fragments, in Rosaviation spoke only about loss of communication with pilots. When flight disappeared from a board of arrivals of "Pulkovo", to people suggested to wait official information. Confirmations were not even then when Vladimir Putin declared need to create state commission in connection with a plane crash, and the Investigatory committee brought criminal case. Only after the president declared that tomorrow, on November 1, on all country the mourning will be declared, the head of Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov admitted the fact of crash of the liner. By then from the moment of the tragedy passed more than seven hours.

It is remarkable that departments long time did not place any information on the official sites and in any way did not mention about Airbus-321, the list of passengers the first published mass media.

At present in operational staff psychologists, doctors, priests and inspectors work. At relatives will take samples for the DNA test to identify bodies. Thus people say that to them do not provide almost any information on succession of events. "Yes, psychologists work. But to us speak nothing. All information we learn from the Internet", – the father of one of victims reported. It concerns also preparation of their flight for a departure. According to preliminary data, at 20:00 relatives of victims will send from Petersburg to Egypt.

Peter Trunkov

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