The first section describes the rigid and flexible models of the transport aircraft, while the second section describes the nonlinear and linearized missile models. These two sections also present the design of associated controllers. The third section describes the telescope mock-up, which complements the flexible aircraft example since it is even more flexible (about 0.1 % for the damping ratio of the bending modes for the tele­scope, about 1 % for the aircraft).


Two different control problems are considered. The first classical one consists in designing a flight control system for a rigid airplane. In the second one, which is far less standard, a flexible airplane is considered. The aerodynamic model is presented in the first subsection. A simple static control law is synthesized for this rigid model in the second sub­section. The third subsection presents the flexible model, which is to be added to the aerodynamic model in order to obtain a complete air­craft model. The fourth subsection presents the design of the new flight control system.


/3: sideslip angle. ф: roll angle. r: yaw rotational rate. p: roll rotational rate. ny: acceleration output.

5r: aileron deflection.

Sp: rudder deflection.

a: angle of attack. в: pitch angle.

V: inertial speed. g: acceleration due to gravity.

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