Aft Fuselage Closure Length, La

This starts from the end of the constant cross-section barrel of the mid-fuselage up to the tip of the tail cone (Figure 3.49a). It encloses the last few rows of passenger seat­ing, rear exit door, toilet, and – for a pressurized cabin – the aft pressure bulkhead, which is an important component from a structural design perspective (La> Lf).

1.23.5 Midfuselage Constant Cross-Section Length, Lm

This is the constant cross-section midbarrel of the fuselage, where passenger seat­ing and other facilities are accommodated (including windows and emergency exit doors, if required).

1.23.6 Fuselage Height, H

This is the maximum distance of the fuselage from its underside (not from the ground) to the top in the vertical plane (Figure 3.50).

1.23.7 Fuselage Width, W

This is the widest part of the fuselage in the horizontal plane. For a circular cross­section, it is the diameter shown in Figure 3.50.

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