Подпись: ArefCL Подпись: 2 U Lift Подпись: Ф ) dy Подпись: 2 Г2 и ьГ(y)d 2 Подпись: (6.17)

Viviand showed, after lengthy calculations, that the lift coefficient is given by

Here we substituted ф for єф1. This result is consistent with the Kutta-Joukowski lift theorem. Indeed, if one considers a section dy of the wing with bound vorticity Г(y), the element of lift is

Подпись: (6.18)dL — p^U Г (y)dy

Подпись: L — рж U Lift Подпись: (6.19)

and is perpendicular to the incoming flow. The total lift will be

and the lift coefficient based on the reference area Aref given by the above formula.

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