Speed Brakes and Dive Brakes

Speed brakes and dive brakes have the same definition. They are mounted specifi­cally on the fuselage for military aircraft and as spoilers on the wings for civil aircraft (Figure 3.51). However, there are civil aircraft that use this type of device mounted on the fuselage.

Speed brakes are specifically designed to reduce speed rapidly, typically on approach and in military combat maneuvers.

Figure 3.51. Speed brakes and brakes

Подпись:Speed Brakes and Dive BrakesSpeed and dive brakes are primarily drag-producing devices positioned in those areas that will create the smallest change in moments (i. e., kept symmetrical to the aircraft axis with the least moment arm from the CG). Figure 3.51 shows fuselage – mounted devices.

The Boeing F22 does not have a separate dive brake. It uses the two rudders of the canted V-tail deflected in opposite directions along with spoilers and flaps deflected upward and downward, respectively.