Generalization of the analysis of the previous chapter to include the more accurate aerodynamic theories will be considered in this chapter together with other steady-state problems. The problem of loss of aileron efficiency and reversal of control will be discussed in §§ 4.1 and 4.2. Although the nature of the reversal problem is entirely different from that of the divergence problem, the methods of solution are analogous. Hence, we shall emphasize only the physical aspects of the problem without going into the details of calculation.

In § 4.3, the aerodynamic-lift distribution over a rigid wing is reviewed. In § 4.4, the effect of elastic deformation on the lift distribution is treated. These are followed by discussions of swept wings in § 4.5, tail efficiency in § 4.6, static longitudinal stability of an airplane in § 4.7, and twisting of propeller blades in § 4.8. It is possible to formulate many other steady-state problems, but the typical methods of analysis are well illus­trated by the examples treated here.

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