Passenger Facilities

The typical layout of passenger facilities is shown in Figure 4.20 and includes toi­lets, service galleys, luggage compartments, and wardrobes. Cabin crew are pro­vided with folding seats.

The type of service depends on the operator and ranges from almost no service for low-cost operations to the luxury of first-class service. Figure 4.21 illustrates a typical galley arrangement for a midrange passenger-carrying aircraft; other types of server trolleys are also shown. Figure 4.19 shows a trolley in the aisle being pushed by cabin crew.

Galleys are located in the passenger cabin to provide convenient and rapid ser­vice. Generally, they are installed in the cabin adjacent to the forward – and aft-galley service doors. Equipment in the galley units consists of the following:

• high-speed ovens

• hot-beverage containers

• hot-cup receptacles

• refrigeration

• main storage compartments

The electrical control-panel switches and circuit breakers for this equipment are conveniently located. Storage space, miscellaneous drawers, and waste containers are also integrated into each galley unit.

For a small Bizjet, the toilet can be minimized unless there is a demand for a luxury facility. Figure 4.21 shows a typical toilet arrangement for larger passenger­carrying aircraft.

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