Lifting Problem

We will consider first planforms with supersonic leading and trailing edges. For such wings, there is no interaction between the flows on the upper and lower surfaces, see Fig. 6.35.

Jones and Cohen analyzed uncambered delta wings of sweep angles less than the sweep angle of the Mach lines. It is shown that ACp is constant along rays through the wing vertex, i. e. it is conical flow. The lift coefficient is independent of the sweep and it is the same as the two-dimensional result


Cl = (6.137)


Other planforms can be also easily analyzed. For example non rectangular wings with supersonic edges, see Fig. 6.36.

Using superposition principle, the same results are readily obtained, as depicted in Fig. 6.37, see Ref. [1].

Lifting Problem

Lifting Problem

Fig. 6.35 Wing with supersonic leading and trailing edges


Lifting Problem

Fig. 6.36 Non rectangular wing with supersonic edges


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