Supersonic Flow Over Moderate Aspect Ratio Wings

6.10.1 Symmetric Problem

The fundamental solution is a supersonic source and the solution of the linearized small disturbance equation is given by [7]
where в = Jm0 – 1.

The source strength is determined by imposing the surface boundary condition. Hence

q(x, y) = U — (x, y) (6.134)

The domain of integration E is the part of the (x, y)-plane intercepted by the upstream Mach cone from the field point (x, y, z).

The pressure coefficient is, as before

Подпись:2 дф p U dx

It can be shown that, for an infinite wing, the surface pressure coefficient, accord­ing to the above formula, is

(x – O[5]

q(L n)_________

– в2[(y – n)2 + z2]


Подпись: 1 2n Подпись: d£d n
Подпись: ф(х, y, z) Подпись: (6.133)
Подпись: E

c = 2 dl = 1 де

p в dx в dx

which is consistent with the thin airfoil theory in Chap. 3.