Requirements for a new Supersonic Commercial Transport (SCT)

There are only a few Concordes, which serve a small, exclusive class of passengers over limited distances at high fares. For its rare presence Concorde is allowed to meet only elementary envi­ronmental criteria which will not become more stringent for Concorde itself. Especially for noise. ICAO Annex 16 and FAR 36 only require, that Concorde must not become even more noisy than it was at certification; and Concorde is very noisy For new supersonic airliners those rules will never be applied; instead, a new SCT must fulfill new requirements which arc not met by Concorde:

• It must comply with all valid certification rules.

• it must be economically viable.

• it must provide sufficient comfon.

A new SCT must be "just another aircraft” [431. In the following paragraphs only those points arc mentioned which will introduce significant new challenges compared to Concorde.

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