The aim of this chapter is threefold. The first one is to analyze the robust stability and performance properties of the missile autopilot in the presence of aerodynamic uncertainties and high frequency bending modes: see also (Ferreres and Fromion, 1999). The second purpose is to illustrate the usefulness of the skewed ц tool in the context of a realistic application. The applicability of the computational methods, which were presented in chapter 8 (see section 4. for a summary), is finally evaluated trough this example.


The reader is first referred to chapters 2 (subsection 2.2) and 4 (section

1. ) for the description of the linearized missile model and the building of the interconnection structure. The local stability and performance properties of the Я,*, autopilot are to be analyzed in the presence of parametric uncertainties (in the 4 stability derivatives Ma> Ms, Za, Zs) and neglected dynamics (a high frequency bending mode). The model perturbation consequently contains 4 non repeated real scalars and a single full complex block. The weights in the stability derivatives are chosen as 5 %.

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