• S3010-PT (Fig. 12.85)

The S3010 is the first example of a Selig airfoil that has a lift range much like the E193 and E205 airfoils. Other examples include the flat-bottom S3014, S3016, and S3021. All these designs took advantage of the increased understand­ing of the laminar separation bubble, and as a result the high-drag bulges in the middle of the low-i? n polars are virtually gone. Instead, the polar and its edges are more rounded, and in most planes the drag of the S3010 is lower than the E205. It is interesting to note that in many respects the S3010 performance characteristics are very similar to the DF101, although as shown in Fig. 11.8, a comparison of the profiles actually tested reveals that the S3010 and DF101 shapes are very different.

Also see: S3021, CLARK-Y, DF101, S3014, S3016, E205

Digitizer plot: Fig. 10.30

Airfoil comparision plot: Fig. 11.8

Polar plot: Fig. 12.85

Lift plot: Fig. 12.86

Thickness: 10.32% Camber: 2.82%

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