S3014 and S3016

• S3014-PT (Fig. 12.87)

• S3016-PT (Fig. 12.89)

The S3010, S3014 and S3016 are quite similar aero dynamically since the latter two were derived from the first with only minor modifications. Although the S3016 has a slight edge over the S3010 and S3014 at high speed and the S3014 looks best at a Rn of 60k, none of the three has a decided advantage over the others.

Also see: S3021, E205, SD7080 Digitizer plot: Figs. 10.31, 10.32 Polar plot: Figs. 12.87, 12.89 Lift plot: Fig. 12.88

S3014 Thickness: 9.46% Camber: 2.57%

S3016 Thickness: 9.52% Camber: 2.09%

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