It’s Easier than it Seems—and Harder

In this general discussion, the newcomer to flying could be intimidated by the amount of detail and multitude of tasks involved in a simple flight. None of this

Подпись: The Least You Need to Know >■ Prcflight inspection of both pilot and airplane is crucial to staying safe. V Taxiing an airplane forces a pilot to shift from (he skills of driving a car. ► Radio communications are an important clement of most flights, and has terminology that is easy to learn. ^ Careful pilots must keep their heads “on a swivel* in searching the sky for other airplanes. >■ Landing the plane is a simple concept, but it takes a good deal of practice to master.

should be off-putting to the would-be pilot. The aviation learning process is gradual and stair-stepped so that no new information or skill is added until each step is mastered. In fact, the vast amount of skill and knowledge required to be a good pilot is a major part of flying’s appeal. We can spend years and thousands of hours flying and still be able to continue to refine our abilities toward the ultimate goal—flying the perfect flight.

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