Although originally intended as a cross-country airfoil, the S4061 has since demonstrated it’s versatility under a variety of conditions. At a recent AM A Nationals (the NATS), Paul Carlson, founder of Off the Ground Models, flew his newly designed and kitted PRODIGY sailplane to a first place finish in the 2-Meter class, a second in Standard, and a third in Unlimited. To date over 3500 PRODIGY kits have been produced, and the popularity of the S4061 has grown proportionally.

• S4061A-PT (Fig. 12.93)

• S4061B-PT (Fig. 12.94)

The version A model of the S4061 is inaccurate. The more accurate version В shows lift and drag characteristics much different than those of the A. As was amply demonstrated in other examples, these differences in the data come as no surprise.

• S4061B-PT u. s.t. xjc = 45%,hjc = .17%,v>/c = 1.0% (Fig. 12.95)

• S4061B-PT u. s.t. xjc = 45%, Rn = 150,000 (Fig. 12.96}

• S4061B-PT u. s.t. xjc = 45%, Rn = 150,000 and 300,000 (Fig. 12.97)

As shown in Fig. 12.95, a trip with height of 0.17% reduces drag for Rn less than 150k. Figures 12.96 and 12.97 show that a two-dimensional trip produces the same result as zig-zag tape (type A).

Also see: SD6080, DAE51, S4062, SD7037, E387, E193, E214 Digitizer plot: Figs. 10.35, 10.36 Polar plot: Figs. 12.93-12.97 Lift plot: Fig. 12.98

Thickness: 9.60% Camber: 3.90%

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