• SD7043-PT (Fig. 12.138)

• SD7043-PT u. s.t. x/c = 20%, h/c = .17%,wjc = 1.0% (Fig. 12.139)

The shapes of the untripped SD7043 polars are indicative of a laminar sepa­ration bubble that would be amenable to control by a trip. This airfoil reaches a high lift coefficient which produces a low sink speed if flown just above stall speed. Due to time limitations, it was not tested with the trip at the lower Rn’s (60k, 100k, and 150k), but it is reasonable to assume that the tripped version would maintain most of this high lift while substantially decreasing the drag. If so, the SD7043 could be a good performer on small-to-medium size airplanes, but with the caveat that the stall, which is moderately abrupt, probably needs to be controlled with leading edge stall strips. (See Section 5.2.)

Also see: SPICA, E214, SD7032 Digitizer plot: Fig. 10.53 Polar plot: Figs. 12.138, 12.139 Lift plot: Fig. 12.140

Thickness: 9.13% Camber: 3.51%

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