• SD7062-PT {Fig. 12.141)

• SD7062-PT u. s.t. xjc = 15%, hjc = .17%, ш/с = 1.0% (Fig. 12.142)

• SD7062-PT u. s.t. xjc = 15%, hjc = .08% and. I7%,u>/c = 1.0% (Fig. 12.143)

The SD7062 is a thick (14%), highly cambered (4%) airfoil. In some ways it is comparable to the S4233, but when untripped it performs considerably bet­ter than the S4233, except at high Rn. When both airfoils are tripped (see Figs. 12.102 and 12.142), the situation reverses; the S4233 has lower drag, al­though not much. As Fig. 12.143 shows, at 200k a trip placed at 15% increases the drag with respect to the untripped case.

Also see: FX63-137, S4233, E193MOD, MB253515 Digitizer plot: Fig, 10.54 Polar plot: Figs. 12.141-12.143 Thickness: 13.98% Camber: 3.97%

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