Turboprop Engine Performance

This type of turboprop engine is used in both civil and military aircraft design. The power settings are as in civil aircraft applications. Sizing of the Tucano class turboprop trainer aircraft requires a matched, installed engine TSLS = 4,000 lbs. Section 10.11.2 presents the generic, uninstalled, turboprop engine performance in nondimensional form. Section 10.11.4 works out the propeller thrust from the tur­boprop engine and establishes that the rated engine power of SHPSLS = 1,075 SHP (uninstalled) would develop as installed TSLS = 4,000 lbs.

Thrust computations from the turboprop SHP is repetitious work, as shown in Section 10.11.4. In this section, one computation each at the maximum climb rating and the maximum cruise rating, both at a 30,000-ft altitude for four speeds, are given in Tables 13.2 and 13.3, respectively.

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