Aircraft Performance Substantiation: Worked-Out Examples (Bizjet)

This section computes aircraft performance to substantiate capabilities as required by the FAR and the operators. Table 13.4 gives the speed schedules appropriate to an aircraft takeoff; aircraft drag polar is given in Figure 9.1. The wing area, Sw = 30 m2 (323 ft2) and the MTOM = 9,400 kg (20,723 lb). Assuming that 20 kg of fuel is consumed during the taxi, the MTOM for the takeoff estimation = 9,380 kg (20,680 lb), and wing-loading, W/Sw = 64 lb/ft2. The known stalling speed is com­puted by using the following:

V 2 x MTOM I 2 x 20,680 /53,847.6

stal1 = pSwCl = 0.002378 x 323 x Cl = CL

Table 13.8 provides the Bizjet aircraft data generated thus far. To make the best use of the available data, all computations are in the FPS system. The results subse­quently can be converted to the SI system.

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