Aerospatiale (Westland)

• Missile-armed tank-killer • Helicopter trainer • ‘Fan-in-tin’ design

Подпись: A The Gazdlo is a superb performer despite being unarmoured and also a generation boiund the latest combat helicopters. France used missile-armed Gazelles to great oftcct in the Gull War.Aerospatiale (Westland)

Serving in attack, spotting or training duties, the Gazelle is a reliable and cost-effective helieoptor. A natural successor to the Alouette, this trim five – seater has much greater performance, and no utility-class rotorcraft looks more pleasing or performs better. In addition to aesthetic appeal and superb handling for its pilot, the Gazelle is among the most versatile of helicopters, and has been widely embraced by civilian and military users.

Aerospatiale (Westland) SA 342 Gazelle


▼ Mountain Gazelle

Like its French-built predecessors, the Lama and AJouotte. the Gazollo has a groat reserve of power, giving excellent altitude ability and making it popular with users in mountainous areas. The Gazelle gamed several helicopter speed records in the early 1970s. and is still one of the fastest in its class.


Aerospatiale (Westland)

A Tank-buster

Both French and Bntish Gazelles are fitted with roof-mounted Sights. But whereas Bntish machines are unarmed scouts used to kxato targets for other weapons. French Gazelles can такс their own attacks with HOT wiro-gwded missiles and 20-mm cannon.


A Staying low

In tho anti-tank scout role, short, fast hops between cover are koy tactics, and the Gazelle’s agihty and speed are vital.

With the Legion ►

Gazettes supported the fast-moving light units m tho Gulf, operating far to tfie west of Kuwait.




Aerospatiale (Westland)Aerospatiale (Westland)Aerospatiale (Westland)

> The SA 340 prototype flew on

12 April 1968 with tho name ongino and rotors as tho Alouotto.

> Tho glass-flbro rotor blados introduced by the Gazelle wero first used In 1970.

>• Manufacture of tho Gazollo began with a civil-registered aircraft on 6 August 1971.

>- Syrian Gazellos armod with HOT missiles destroyed soveral Israeli tanks in Lobanon’s Bokaa Valley In 1982.

► Tho Gazollo can carry out loops and barrel rolls in capable hands.

► Tho Sorbs usod Yugoslav-built Gazelles in tho Balkan civil war during tho 1990s.

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