AS 332 Super Puma

• Airborne workhorse • Increased power • Civil operations


AS 332 Super Puman established favourite with

Подпись:helicopter companies specialising in the support of offshore oil exploration and production, the Super Puma, along with its Cougar military variant, has also won orders from many other companies and agencies for a wide variety of applications. They range from VIP transport to the support of UN peace-keeping forces in the world’s troublespots. The type is readily adaptable for a whole host of other tasks.

AS 332 Super Puma
AS 332 Super Puma

A Increased volume

77)0 larger fusolage of the Super Puma is evident in this view of an AS 332C lifting off from a snowy landscape.


◄ Added strength

An increase in power along with the larger fuselage has seen the Super Puma employed heavily in the construction industry. Extra nose mirrors arc installed to allow the pilot to monitor the load.




AS 332 Super PumaAS 332 Super Puma

► The first flight of tho AS 332 Super Puma ► was on 13 September 1978. Service entry occurred in 1981.

>• Civilian Super Pumas have the capacity to ► seat 24 passengers.

► Luxury variants have been developed to ►

fill the VIP transport role.

In tho event of a mishap, the Super Puma is able to land on water because of the fitting of emergency flotation bags.

One variant, the AS 332L, has more than 70 examples in civilian service.

Super Pumas are widoly used as transports for oil exploration support.

Aerospatiale AS 332 Super Puma

Подпись: along with such amenities as a bar. individual video screens and telephones. Super Pumas and Conga is arc used to transport no fewer than 2^ beads of state, arid more than s<) VIIі versions are in service Apart fmm the 8 in <2(>-ft l long cabin, the type's attractions include low noise and vibration levels ami large windows along with high performance and long range Other roles have included supponing the I nited Nations peace-keeping force in Mozambique The Su|H*r Puma is well suited to operations in Africa, where it is able to take Подпись: AS 332 SUPER PUMA

Подпись: Multi-purpose Pumas ?,.BC?‘GIAN POUCE: Thu Puma л one ot three examples used ’ ' Гл|0 4n Genoarmene They are based at Bcasscfuiat m the Vr11 r‘' rountry and employed (or patrol and VIP duties.
Подпись: ■ VIP FLIGHTS: This SA 330C Puma serves with the Gabonese a-r force Most are flown by mercenary pilots. The Pumas are used for VIP and support tasks. Подпись: I RESCUE ROLE: With its extended range and improved all weather radar. Singapore's AS 332Bs operate with No 125 Squadron at Sembawaitg They arc used for SAR and VIP (tights

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