Fast moving in the Gazelle

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Тік* SA 5W Gazelle all- purpose lightweight helicopter Itegun jn a proposal for л new observation helicopter for tlte French army. It was renamed lire SA 540 soon afterwards. Hie finished ilcsign looked like the well – known Alouette ami initially used tlte «me engine, bnltke the Alouette, tin* Gazelle feature – a fully enclosed fuselage structure anil, while it can lie tlown In – a single pilot,

lias provision for two pilots with skle-by-xkle sealing

In l‘X»7. Hritain joined a pniduiliott-shanng agreement and I ч-g. in its long association with tlte (ia/vlle as а іпіііїліл – heluojXer Westland performed final assembly ol the firs; British military version in 1970.

The SA 5* I designation reappeared in ІУ70, when die C. azclle established three world helicopter speed records The upgraileil SA 5l2 first flew in

1976 Лін hi! a dozen versions of the Gazelle are hi wide use. Including military variants employed hy 27 countries, and are performing with distinction. France has nearly.-VK) heavily – atitud Gazelles

Fast moving in the Gazelle

Tho Aatarou f. xboetvi’t wan лМо usod m the enty RAe Jotstroum bus» vss arc? an ■ nos a ccolrAjg» compressor fktf Mage and axui uxxmd Vage


Ire Gazes? rotor head is c* ire comantonal hngod type, but л suftoontty strong to iwtmiand aerobatics h tho hands ot Bta Hovet Nmy dsptay loom


Rots wuu a anyto. control netn/ngri! console, but I VMS оооапке djai-controte


АЯ Gaze*» пемз a hJoJor mow aka type undwearriago. has рплвнхі tor ІСШсг шитті


Tho GasDob cycle prtch icvt* tv» on automatic throttle


Multi-role civil and military machine


■ COMBAT WEAPON: Fitted with advanced sghts and armed ■ ADVANCED TRAINER: While berg rNai-vely easy to by. the *>tr, n – r. f HOT vwe-guKtod rmsdes, the Gazettes ot the French Gazcto has enough performance and agility to tгаю student pdots ■mty can destroy tanks at ranges ol up to 4 km (2 5 mites) ю the challenges ot tactical rotary-winged light

Fast moving in the Gazelle


Fast moving in the Gazelle

Aerospatiale (Westland) SA 342 gazelle


As long as the Gazelle can stay out of range of enemy fire, it Is an excellent light scout.

It has fought in the Falklands. botli Gulf Wars and in Bosnia. Its future in this role may be coming to an end as air defence against helicopters gets more deadly.


SA 342M Gazelle

Type: live-seat utility hefccoptet

Powerplant: one «О-kW <860-hp) Turbomeca Astarou HA turboshaft engine

Maiimum speed: 310 knvh (19? mp h) ot sea level

Range: 670 km (415 mi) with standard fuel

Weights: • mpty 908 kg (2.000 lo): loaded

2100 kg <4.620 lb,|

Armament: 36-mm rockets. 20-mm cannon AS.1l. TOW. HOT. Mistrale or other meeAee

Accommodation: plot; four/m-e passengers or

700 kg <1.540 lb)of cargo


main rotor diameter 10.50 m (34 ft 5 in.) length 11.97 m (39 ft. 3 m.) height 3 15 m (10 ft. 4 in,)

rotor disc area 86.50 m 1931 wi ft.)






AJUiough it naa been n «оте* for many year» in* Gamut мяиїт one ottne faitmt heuccplnr» m it* CO*» The. wen IU ««gib oi>My. mean» me It can peafurm at MU lit топ» чип rival*




7H kmt (tW •-*.»!


Піки* |l«*■»» )




М? иі»ЧІМ*й»І




Fast moving in the Gazelle

Scout are are-tana naKeptm am bamefa-O weapon*. wtMcn ity trom temporary Імма* w«hn SO km or the front tore We. a range o< error 600 km and operatng from Mich a base. the Gazette Con «ater over the bamafetd for several hour*


The fenestron. or ‘fan n-tn tail rotor. was oevryvd to дглг increased Dedoimarctj n turbulent cwdtois os wo* m> bemq ess orono to damage


The tubular tall rotor drive – shaft runs down the зрте ot the tail boom




The mot і cornea by the Gazette and the BO 104 are The


и Mm cut ui «■ mot


■ EXECUTIVE TRANSPORT: Although most of the 1.200 or so GazoOes lh. it have been ЬиЛ are military versions. its speed and economy have made it a popular civil transport


mast continue


enemy unit me moala tvt* The American ВаЛ 40* <i


but me latest version» carry the


p-lOnd Helltre. WtucTi I* a Ire-and-forget’


SO 105 11 MT Mallet


Fast moving in the GazelleFast moving in the GazelleFast moving in the GazelleFast moving in the GazelleFast moving in the GazelleFast moving in the Gazelle


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