Human Interface

With an increased demand in a pilot’s workload, it is important to understand the aircraft flight deck (i. e., cockpit) and the arrangement of systems. Readers must be aware of the nature of design features for the human-interface aspect, which can affect the aircraft weight, cost, and shape of the forward-fuselage-canopy area.

15.2.3 Systems Architecture

Aircraft subsystems consist of avionic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneu­matic systems. The extent of an aircraft’s weight and cost depends on the subsystem design philosophy. Automation and microprocessor-based data management have advanced to a wider operational capability without a corresponding increase in a pilot’s workload. In this way, readers can see an aircraft as a system and sub­systems.

15.2.4 Military Aircraft Survivability Issues

Military aircraft design for combat survivability has been considered for some time, primarily as a consequence of potential damage occurring in combat. Crew-ejection capability is an integral part of survivability. In the last two decades, stealth technol­ogy – as a good survival measure – has advanced by minimizing an aircraft’s signa­ture. Electronic defense and countermeasures are other ways to thwart retaliation and increase survivability.

15.2.5 Emerging Scenarios

New topics are gaining importance and must be considered by the next generation of engineers. The emerging scenarios affecting civil aviation result from acts of terror­ism in recent years. Aircraft design must include damage limitation from an explo­sion in the cargo compartments and containment of terrorist activities within the cabin. Also, damage incurred from runway debris demands a new perspective on an old problem (i. e., the Concorde crash case). With greatly increased numbers of passengers crossing international boundaries, general health care and contagious infections are becoming important issues.

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