Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics

We are extremely pleased to present the Second Edition of Modeling and Sim­ulation of Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics by Peter Zipfel. The First Edition was a well-regarded contribution to the AIAA Education Series, and we anticipate a similar response to this updated volume. The book contains 11 chapters, divided into two parts, along with four appendices, all in more than 550 pages. All of the important topics in this subject area are treated in a thorough manner.

Peter. Zipfel is very well qualified to write on this subject given his extensive experience in the field, and he has written this book in a manner that will make it of interest and utility to both a beginning student as well as an expert in the field.

The AIAA Education Series aims to cover a very broad range of topics in the general aerospace field, including basic theory, applications, and design. A complete list of titles can be found at http://www. aiaa. org. The philosophy of the series is to develop textbooks that can be used in a university setting, instructional materials for continuing education and professional development courses, and also books that can serve as the basis for independent study. Suggestions for new topics or authors are always welcome.

Joseph A. Schetz

Editor-in-Chief AIAA Education Series

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