206 JetRanger

• Light turboshaft helicopter • Multi-role civil and military variants

The Bell 206 JetRanger is one of the world’s most popular helicopters. Manufactured by Bell in Canada and Agusta in Italy, this civil servant bogan as a military observation craft but has become a real champion of air commerce. For law enforcement, executive travel, crop spraying and countless other duties, it is one of the best aircraft in its class – a versatile and economical helicopter which is simple to operate and enjoyable to fly.

A Agile but simple to fly

206 JetRangerПодпись: & ■206 JetRanger

206 JetRanger

The JetRanger is agile onough to bo used by display teams at air shows. The ease with which it can bo flown moans that it also makes a good helicopter trainer, both on land and at sea.

A Kiowa warrior

Подпись: I*roor '^3fF/0 206 JetRangerKnown to the US Army as the OH-58 Kiowa, the latest armed versions of tho Model 206 have four-bladod rotors and an anti-glare cockpit, and can carry Holl/ire missiles and a mast-mounted sight.

206 JetRangerA All-rounder

The 206 has performed most light helicopter tasks, but it is often used as an air taxi, typicaoy flying businessmen to and from airports.

206 JetRangerПодпись: Air ambulance ► JetRangers have found a ready market as ambulance aircraft, being able to get casualties to hospital in minutes. A Crop sprayer

With a tank and spray bar slung from a cargo hook, the JetRanger can fly crop-spraymg missions with notable precision.



>■ The 1,394 JetRangers and 599

LongRangers on register make up 15 per cent of the US civil helicopter fleet.

> Full certification of tho Modol 206A occurred on 20 October 1966.

► Tho current 206B JetRanger III is built at Bell’s facility in Mirabel, Canada.

► The normal interior of the JetRanger provides comfortable accommodation for five passengers.

► According to Bell figures, the 206 is the world’s safest helicopter.

► US military trainer versions are the Navy TH-57 and Army TH-67.

Bell 206 JetRanger


Model 206B-3 JetRanger III

Type: gtn general-purpose hehcopter

Powerplant: one 3t3-kVV (420-hp) Allison 250- C20J turbosHatt. flat-fated to 230 KW <316 hp.)

Maximum cruise speed: 216 km* at 1525 m (134 m. p.h. at 5.000 tt)

Range: 730 km (450 mi.) with maximum fuel

Service ceiling: 4ii5m (13.500 it i

Weights: empty 737 kg (t.620 to ); loaded t520 kg (3.345 lb) with externa! load

Accommodation: one of two pilots. throe passengers; provision I or medical attendant, litter, and up to 600 kg (1.320 to) of ambulance equipment; mtonor cabin of 2.35 m1 (83 cu ft.)


main rotor diameter 10.16 m (33 tt. 4 in.)

longth (rotor turning) 118? m (38 ft. 9 in )

height 2.91 m (9 ft. 6 in.)

rotor area 81.10 rtf (873 sq. ft.)


206 JetRanger

Left: JetRangers can be used for air ambulance and rescue work. This US Park Police example was first on the scene at the Potomac River air crash of January 1982. which took place in the head of Washington.


One image which represents wlul the Bell JDb i> .ill аіюиі is that of j I’S I’arft Servile l. ongl<.inger crew rescuing victims from Washington’s icy Potonutc River in the aftermath * it the » rash of Ліг Florida Flight 90 in January – 19R2.


Above: JotRangers are often used by American TV stations to transpod repoders to incidents quickly.






Lqnt hetcootort am not purhcuuwiy i. ui by «vision standard*. Dot to» «hort yaumcyi typrcab/ from n city centre hrtpod to on urport about SO km (30 тім) aslant. they are the lelel mu or travel. A tourney wtsch takes tOmnuteo by-МЯап9«* «1ho*e oroumjtance» mighs take halt an hour by bom and. doprodng on the traffic, anything eve an Uow by kmousne or box

. —r 716 lavlt

MOOCl TOW-1Д1Х1КЦ III (,M » P-h-l


Tito A*ton 25O-C20 engine 4 ropiacod by ton mom powerful 250 C30P variant л trw modomeed JctHangor in, or twin unarms m too TwmRjmgor


Ihe two-btacto mart roto» has an a toy leaang-edge spar Attn a qlassliye ooatng the aacncts’e sound of toe JetRanger comes from toe hw> ttado cor/qivaton


A apiky wvtxx and mlitary Jo engao-o n hw

make an tno cf


206 JetRanger



730 ire’ll (14] n. p.h )


■0106 60S km



Hetcepiars are not the moat ettoonc of arcrah They trod to M loet imam than • convention* aeroplane of vmAjr iub. and the* range n generalf/ short»» But although r«ed w-ng оисгаП mgnt be more economical, they cannot put down <n a c*t xtnsrt to pick up л casualty. о» таке а ‘«cue from а boat at sea. or land m a forest clearing to check for


А» JotRimrjurs hm« <i small unslrnudod two – Ькж» tai rotor mounted on a (ЛзЫео» fn


1(150 ml.)


206 JetRanger

Tho ‘Noda Mabc’ oysfertt is tlx) company в patortod атілпьпаїюп oqupmont Oosignod to reduce tfacomton tor the раг. млдо’» and crew




Snce heiicoptei* не most often used tor short пер*, they rardy reed to Ctmb very tugh They can macb grwteM Khtude* in forward tight. In hovenng right thee doling a much tower The JetRanger ie notable to» tr>e fit! mat 4* novemg eating. ueng the upwards wash ol Of known M onxrvt etlect n only 200 m ‘660 rt) tow thin as «wee coring


■ LONGRANGER: Oelivenos Of the strotchod long Ranger began л 1975. Cumontfy built in Canada and Italy, rt shares too more powerful engine of the latest JetRanger III.


■ TWINRANGER: The latest verson of the Model 206 has twin engines. The greater power rs expected to giv« improved pa>5oad and range, as well as increased safety.


■ MODEL 406: Developed for toe US Army as toe OM-58D. the Model 406 has a more powerful engne and a four-btidod main rotor, and can carry advanced avionics and missiles.


206 JetRanger206 JetRanger206 JetRanger

Bell 206

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