A129 Mangusta

• European attack helicopter • Advanced systems • Highly versatile

Although originally basod on the A109A, the Mangusta eventually emerged as an all-new design. The result is Europe’s first dedicated all-weather day/night combat helicopter – a machine that can carry a wide range of weapons, withstand hits from

12.7- mm (.50-calibre) or even 23-mm shells and operate for up to 90 minutes at a time over a battle area 100 km (60 miles) from base. The Italian army operates the Mangusta as its primary anti-tank system.

Flying in primer ►

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:A129 MangustaFive prototypes wore built, of which this is tho third. This aircraft has the original nose profile and is not painted in the familiar grocn colour scheme.

▼ Anti-tank mission

For its primary anti-tank task the A129 carries eight TOW missiles in launchers on the outboard pylons, plus cither sovon – or 19-round rocket launchers on tho inboard stations.


► Plans Гог tho Mangusta were originally laid in the mid-1970s, but tho first aircraft did not fly until 11 Soptombor 1983.

► Development was further dolayed by funding problems for the HeliTOW sight

► A joint European project, known as Tonal, was to have been basod on the A129.

> A Lucas chin turret, with a 12.7-mm (.50 calibre) machine-gun. may be fitted, but it is not used by the Italian army.

>■ The British and Dutch armies bought the AH-64 in preference to tho Mangusta.

► Iran has shown interest in ordering an export version.

A129 Mangusta

A129 Mangusta

Type: ahtwgftt anti-armour hafccoptor

Powerplant: two 615 kW (625-hp > Rolls Royco Gem 2 MV 10040 turboshafts

Minimum speed: 315 vmh(195mphi Endurance: :i hours

Initial climb rale: 656 nVmm (2.1501 p m ) at sea level

Weights: empty 2529 kg (5.564 to) maximum take off 4100 kg (9.020 to)

Armament: ogM TOW or HOT or six Hettir» anti tank іпіг. зііоп on outer pylons, or two Sidewinder. Mistral. Javelin or Stinger a*-toui’ missikra In an air-to-or or escort rolo. plus two machine-gun or rocket pods on outer underwent pylons


main rotoi diameter 11.90 m (39 ft)

length 14.29 m (46 ft 10 in)

height 3.35 tn (11 It.)

rotor dec aroo 11 122гтУ (1.197 *q ft)


Abovo: A production standard Mangusta demonstrates the helicopter‘s revised nose contours


Right: Although fully armed, the second prototype did not represent the final production standard Current aircraft carry a Saab/ESCO HotiTOW sight abovo the nose.


entities plus a new drive sysiein. .iikI tarries a three barrelled 20-mm cannon iimler the node.


t*Tusua»r tor a modern mtoex hetoopter. the к&ичулМ rvn <i two btodod Ы rotor Mott doergrs use a rrxAbtoded urvt m coder to keep ifw попш lugrtafw to a лиіміі and to – mb* the roho loos vumornbto to grrunrt fro Tho bmad chord tfudns o« the Aum і. й rotor can withstand 127 mm 150 cakro) into. howiMir. and mav evert bo at4n in tokirete slrfcrai Vam 23-mm memunun


A129 Mangusta

Control UnkaQm tor oach of too tour mam rotor htortoe run ■гак» tho rtrweahatl, raducinp tha rotor s radar ngnatturti AJ gmvboxos and. isnocuitnd systems ore rtovgned to run •to an tout 30 rtanutan an«r tfw kau of all kucrcating «4




Although the А’ЛІ Гмя tho lowed! cruieng speed Я id • «гцГе •nechne then Iht odw I wo Туре TN* » m Ms vutrmntCito

to onock dnoe it ii>d4e«<ts a more cMUxn target


ІП krek (172 •?.№.)


Flora*a 0«o twjfHf. on aritno uki o* the kriMoryo fonder* l»wm less лЛкгаЫ» to ground too It a nho means that a ongto *« a №u iMy to rSsabto both powefpiants


Al yw/r»; л rui pmttf. tmhdi keepi gi. ee tu я m»dmum The Mvt»v B-ihcr seats n,»ve


Armed Agt

■Д A106: First noivn


В A109: A number of armod variants ol th* A109, many witfi TOW misste launcher*. ate to sonneo around tho world


■ AB412 GRIFFON: Agusta has developed on

attack variant ot the AB412. which m suitubk» tor attacking «hips and tanke and for armod шмА


В AB204; In Its nnti submarine w. irtam.’anti – ship role, the Agusta-Впй AB204AS carnos Ikttw two Mk 44 torpedoos or AS. 12 missiles.


A129 Mangusta


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