• Licence-built Italian sub-hunter • Ten operators worldwide

Boll installed a Pratt & Whitney Turbo Twin-Рас engine into its 205 airframe to produce the AB.212 – the equivalent of a twin-engined helicopter. The Italian company Agusta was alone, however, in recognising the potential of the aircraft as a highly successful and effective anti-submarine and anti-surface vessel platform.

Agusta went on to build in excess of 100 AB.212ASW helicopters.


A Sub-hunting sensors

Two sensors are usod to dotoct and localise submarines: a Benda dipping sonar and a search radar – the British Ferranti Soa Spray or Italian MEL APS-705.


▼ Torpedo armament

Italian AB.2l2ASWs carry a range of homing torpedoes, from the Amohcan Mk 44 and 46 to the Italian Motorfides 244AS (botow).


A Anti-ship missile armament

The AB.212ASW also has on important anti-surfaco vessel role.

Tho primary armament is the fire-and-forget’ Made Mk 2 missile. Alternative weapons include French AS. 12s and Bntish Soa Skuas.

◄ Middle East combat

The 20 AB 212ASWs sold to Iran in 1974 are now behoved to bo non-opcrationol due to poor servicing and a lack of spare parts. Iraq’s order for 10 machines was embargoed with the outbreak of the Gulf War.





► Comprehensive avionics allow the AB.212ASW to operate In all weathers, and at any time of day or night.

► Two torpedoes or dopth charges are available for submarine attacks.

► For utility operations a 2270-kg (5.000-lb.) cargo sling may bo fittod.


► The AB.212ASW is able to oporato from decks previously used by tho similarly sized AB.204AS.

>■ In tho search and rcscuo role, the AB.212ASW can carry four stretchers.

> Tho ongino Is protected against salt wator





Type: ASW and ASV neUcopter

Powerplant: one 1398-kW <1.875-hp.) Prati & Whitney Canada PT6T-6 Turbo Twin-Рас

Maximum speed: 338 knvh (149 m, p.h.) at sea level

Endurance: 5 hours, or 4 hours 7 min on an ASV mission with two AS t2 rrwsilos



Gull, liring Frencli-supplied AS. 12 missiles The deliver,’ of 10 Alt 212ASWS ordered b) Iraq in l‘«3 was dehiycd and finally cancelled when Iraq invaded Kuwait.


Above: The AB.212 can afso provide mid-course guidance corrections (via a Teseo TG-2 datahnk under the nose) lor ОТО Moiara ТОМАТ 2 anti-ship missiles used by tho Italian navy.


Initial climb rate: 396 nViw (1.300 f. p-m i at 500 lev»!

Service ceiling: 3200 m (10.500 ft I


Weights: empty 3420 kg (7,524 it).;, maximum take-off 5070 kg (11.154 43.)

Armament: two Mk 44. Mk 40 or MO 44 torpedoes or two mr-to-surface nwsiles


Loft: Tho Turkish navy bought 12 AB.212ASWs. which serve aboard ‘Yavuz’-class fngates. Thoso arc fitted with Bntish-built Sea Spray radar and Sea Skua air-to-suriace missiles.



тли rolor dameter



main rotor disc area


14 63 m (48 ft.) 17.40m(57 ft.) 4.53 m (14 ft 10 in) 168.10 m <1.809 sq. f1.|




Oeperrtog on the ntemaf equipment »* and the type of meson to ce flown, tne catxi can bo« up to two crew, о addition to the ptots. wto operate the radar ana oppmg sonar Asematrvery, tho onbtn can how seven passengers or loo stretcher cases


Unite many naval hetcootors. me AB212ASWS main rotor cannot be towed to save valuable space on a sbo’s dock the AB212 retains Sols dstnctivo tvwvDtadcW rotor fijyout wbch was t»st used wdc#/ on the penoomg Mood 47


•7-20′ of the Italian navy wears the standard overall
medium sea-grey camouflage scheme. Dayglo
orange patches are also applied as on aid to visibility.
This machine serves with 5° Gruppo Eticotteri.


Роли» lor the AB212ASW is provided by n jungle Pratt A WWtnoy Canada Turbo TwwPac ongmo it actuaDy conaeto of paved PT6T hzboehafts which are counted together and drrre via a common gearbox


The Simple, twn Wodeo tar rolor 18 another typeal Be* design feature the rp of each blade s bnghtiy parted in Itakan national соЬигэ. – making it easy tor ground crew to see and avod the sp*mng rotor.


AX but I2 Of tho Ita&Hi rutvya AB.212ASW»wu t«toa wm an APS 706 or 700 search raoar There have a range of 0.9 to 148 kr


The A8.212ASW has an automated tight-control system whch gives hands off convorson under afl woaihot солсйюлз from the cruso stato lo hovonng ftglfl for ckppng sonar


To cut down on drag, tho floats are осЛэгео In an omorgency. these nflate alter a compressed air Coltte e activated


Agusta-Bell production

■. ^ 4 ;G: ‘Vjusta bu« many examples of – : commercially successful helicopter

“«o ‘«nomw ьэдт wdely


В A8.205: Eke achovod phenomenal success with its UH-tD/H miMary lieficoptors and Agusta built several tor bom homo and expert customers.


■ AB.412: Agusta began building the 412 in 1981 and. »n addition to the civilian version, has developed a specialised military variant


■ A8.204: A specialised ASW/ASV variant of me 204 was developed by Agusta for the Italian navy It was later replaced by the 212.




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