AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

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Подпись:AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

Helicopters are responsible (or some of the most dramatic television news images. The use of these aircraft as TV camera platforms has mushroomed since the late 1970s, when the first microwavo transmitters small enough to be carried by a light helicopter appeared. The helicopter usually carries a reporter and a camera operator, and the AS 350 Ecureuil, with its combination of affordability and reliability, has proved popular for the task.

AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS


Even in America, where Bell and McDonnell Douglas helicopters have traditionally been favoured, the AS 350 has been popular with TV nows companies.


◄ UK newscasting

This much-modified, smartly painted Twin Squirrel is operated by fTN.


JetRanger on air ►

Many other light helicopters are used for TV dutios. including ttie Bell JetRanger.


AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWSAS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWSChicago ► bulletin

This JetRanger is operated by Chicago’s WLS-TV. The helicopter also represents а high-profile publicity tool lor tho TV station.

>■ A Textron Lycoming-engincd version of the Ecureuil is marketed In North Amorica as tho Astar.

> By 1 March 1989 Ecurouils and Astars wore flying in 43 countries.

► An uprated electrical systom on tho Ecureuil 2 makes it particularly suited to the TV reporting role.

► Apart from its twin engines, the AS 355 Ecureuil 2 is similar to the AS 350.

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> Most of the AS 350’s outer skin is made from thermo-formed plastic.

The Ecureuil is still in production, and is now built by Eurocopter.

AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWSAerospatiale AS 350 Ecureuil – tv news

Подпись: Going live with the Ecureuil
Подпись: Гг» AS 355 tod AS 360 u*3'0 me some rotor system desqa iho bt*d« .vo of 4re consJnjctxxi with stamess sreel uoonu oOgo tibeaiha GUsa ttre п й&о used n the rote» hub.Подпись: ACTION DATAAS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWSПодпись: Above: Some TV broadcasters use their helicopters as relays for signals transmitted from the ground. This system is especially useful for live broadcasts from built-up areas.Подпись:Подпись:

Once It boot me possible їм relay like picture»

In nit helicopters. many Ітхкії омег» rushed to buy (heir own machines VCilllin 1H months there were more than |0() in use at toss the I Inited Sute» alunt – But operating in this way was very expensive, ami и Іччате more mmmtm to charter an aircrah when it was nettled to cover a sjxxlik story or event.

Tlte AS 350 ‘ main advantages lot news-gathering Operations are reliability ami performance Good reserves ol
powet. simple flight controls ami rapid response mean that the pilot can concentrate on the subject and docs not need to lx – concerned about the machine’s limitations.

litis is particularlj – imponant when the pilot is also the reporter Keeping clear of oilier helicopters, res|X4ting minimum height regulations and liandhng the controls, while selecting the right чіми to illustrate the story and
describing the scene In viewers, ts a full-time K^1

In spite ol the expense,

■I a helicopter can get to the scene of a major event as it is happening, or to the aftermath of a natural disaster, there is no substitute for the sense oi immediacy it can provide

AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS



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A b»oadnr chord tal rotor n any modacatqn which nlowe tho AS 355F 1 to ‘ bf el ocreassa waghts


The Ea#B.> 2 can be operated by n «пою crowmnmber. which makes too ercrah mom cconcrmcot.


AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS
AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

When us»»j heavy camera equipment, me camera operator тим mmam safety restrained at iH limos. regarrfess Ы ftgnt attitude. fliere is a largo toot/ем or II» side ot tne catai and ccmprehensw* hamesang в зво toed


А гуп&і*/ сепчиыа sensor poo. comunng u curnora system. I» moenteo on n boom which пл* "trough the іиглтпі pan of tfe cubn


AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWS

Подпись:Подпись:AS 350 Ecureuil TV NEWSMulti-purpose Ecureuil

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q. … helicopter It is compatible with a range of

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