Подпись:Подпись:AS-61Agusta started to build Sikorsky’s Model 61 – equivalent to the US Navy’s SH-3D Sea King – for the Italian navy in 1967. A whole sorios of specialized military and civil variants followed, and the HH-3F, operated by the Italian air force as the S-61R Pelican, was still in production 30 years later. Other S-61s have been exported and license-built for military and civil operators in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.


Подпись: Civil operators ► Reliable and roomy, an enlarged version of the S-61 has found a welcome civil market. S-61s are often used as air taxis for offshore oil platforms. AS-61A Ail-weather capability

This Italian example has a nose – mounted search radar to assist during rescue operations.

▼ Home grown

Подпись: A Packing away Го allow tire helicopter to operate from ships, the rotors fold down alongside the fuselage for storage.

The Italian company Augusta obtainod a liconso from Sikorsky to build the Sea King.


Tho S-61 designation applies to export versions of tho Anti-Submarinos-Warfaro Sea King.

>• The first flight of tho helicopter was on March 11, 1959.

► Mitsubishi also builds tho S-61 undor license in Japan.


> For anti-ship operations, the Sea King can carry two Exocet missiles, which have a range of up to 145 km (90 miles).

> The helicopter Is capable of landing on water in an emergency.

> A British civil S-61N Is used In the Falkland Islands for transport dutios.


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