Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’



Type: single-engined multi-rolo utility helicoptor

Powerplant: one 820-kW (i.100-hp) Lycoming T53-L-11 turboshaft engine

Maximum speed: ?38 km h IU8 m p. n) at sea level

Initial climb rate: ‘.27 m (t. oot ft.) рот minute

Range: 615 km (382 ml.) with auxiliary fuol

Service celling: 3505 m (11.500 hj

Weights: empty 2300 kg (5.070 lb ), mnxreum take-off 4309 kg (9.500 lb)


rotor diameter 13.41 m (44 ft.)

length 12.98 m (42 ft. 6 in )

height 3 84 m (12 ft. 6m)

rotor disc area 141.26 m’ (144 sq. 11.)


Below: The glossy overall olive drab, with a yellow tail band and white lettering, soon gave way to dull green whon the ‘Huey’ entered combat.

  Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’

T’htf шгЫпе engine wj.4 one of ilic keys to the Model JO i s success Mounted on the cabin roof just behind the gcarliox. it left the i iibln unertcuinlxrfed and provided the pcrtormancv required In’ the I $ Ліпи Hariy I I MBs rvtaiiuxl the 1/ІМЛ > – If. kSV (960 lip ) Г5Л engine. but. m H2(i-kV 11100 hp * prnv’efpUmt soon Ікчапіе the sliіid-itd I’he new им>del was delivered from Man’ll l‘Xil and icHlki Ik – armed with ttxket pods ami machine-guns carried on the Miles of the cabin.

  Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’




  Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’

The coco couci heta nne passengers and crew, and иі*бгєо encslenj •l-ttx/irt иеіЬМу. The mnebno was often (town vmP-. the itoon leno. t.d to at tow rnpto out


One Lycoming T53-L-5 ontjne powered the UH – IB. .«hough its output was reproved m lutur variants Licence bud models wire oowored by Rote Royco engines


OriQiwlty on the toft Mi – of (lie la* boom. tho tiki rotor in liter Kx-ncc – butt variants was poMtonod on tho tight-hand. v*Vi Tim tat run wan nlco nernmod. r*onuen cf tho uprated ononos.


«го iw 111» hp. I


10*4 kW (MOO ftp )




The wart) vanants o( trie UM-1 although capabto of wing on ecxootabki tone mojroc imprcneniom The advent of more powerful engines m later vanor*» aicwne an mersesed puytood aanouphlfv» was thP reslrielad by Ihecatunsae The knowledge ganed dunng the devtfopnwit Ы mo lluoy’ wan incorporated mo Uie porpose-tKtll eiscAhsrwi.




UK-1M IROQOOtS I7SI k« (3 *78 lb.)


Л tail rM dreugimd to protoct me rear rotor tAidos bom strlong tho grexxto during landmg. was posmonod on tho end of 3m boom


troop carrying ‘Hueys’ were often carted •sick»’ because their arframes were devoid оI the exti. rnot вд.*угем which •educed podemnonoe: Bxs name has been used throughout ttie UH-1 e service.


The Uteocn drwign of the tosutage allowed tho carnage or ntcra* on oxiamoc pylons, so an not to restrict trio intomol load


UiMOA eUCAMAM* mt kf (8 COO IP)


CPOrtod the UH? on the ground Allhoucfi toss і wfioetna tanring gear rts* use restneted thn novemont onco it iwd landed

  Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’ Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’

Improving the breed

IB UH-ut: An improvement ot the UH-1B dosign, advances I)"104*1 "–rwsed lifting capability and an enlarged cabin area •run vac ; ‘ tnrwa with the Taiwan air force,


■ MODEL 212: Ottering the reliab-i ty ot an improved twm engine and a weather radar located m the nose, this Singaporean example serves with tho local VIP flight


■ MODEL 214ST: Possessing Mtlo commonality with earlier desigris. this Voneruotan Huey’ features a stretched cabin, improved performance and cornpovto rotor blades




I lUCtoU**


296 kmli (114 B. p.h.)


Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’Bell’s ubiquitous ‘Huey’


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