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Orbiting high ovor ovory major

American city arc the ’eyes in the sky’ of the police. The Bell 206 JetRangers, equipped with high-powered cameras, are a vital tool in the fight against crime. Recognising the success of the JetRanger in this role, numerous European polico forces have adopted the helicopter for a wide range of duties. They include traffic control, rescue work and searches – all in the sorvico of the public.

▼ Beach observer

Koepmg a watchful oyc on bathing holiday-makers is a JetRanger operated by the New York Police Department. A number of American forcos use Bell’s JetRanger helicopter.

Подпись:JETRANGER police4 European police

Proudly displaying police titles on its fuselage, this Swedish JetRanger starts another patrol.

▼ Highway patrol

The California Highway Patrol is tasked with patrolling tho extensive freeways of the stato.


► The prototypo JetRanger first flew In Docombor 1062. It was originally designed for n military rolo.

> Dosplte not winning tho military contract, many civilian orders were roceivod.

>■ Known as tho Model 206, tho JetRanger provod on instant sales success.


>• American law cnforcomont agencies use the typo for observation, traffic control and border patrols.

► More than 4,400 examples of the Model 206B were constructed.

>• JetRangors are also built under liccnco by Agusta in Italy.



206B Jet Ranger III

Type: general-purpose tiQht ul Чу helicopter

Powerplant: one 313-kW (420-hp t Allison 250- C208 turboshaft ongine

Max speed: 225 km* (140 m. p h.) at sea level Cruising speed: 214 km* <133 m. p.n. i Range: 573 km (359 r – | with maximum load Hover ceiling: 3870 m (12.700 ft. i

Weights: empty 660 kg (1,452 Ю.); maximum take-ott 14Ы kg (3.192 b,»

Accommodation: one plot; three pa>song>'<s Dimensions:

span t.88m(6ft. 2 In)

length 9.50 m (3 Hi 2 in.)

height 2.91 m (9 It 6 in.)

mam rotor cfcsc area 8110 m’ (873 sq. ft.)


Below: Orbiting high over a city, tho Boll JetRanger allows the police to extend their reach in the fight against enmo.


pilot directs officers in the location, concluding in an arrest.

Despite failing to win the milthuv contract for which it was designed, the leiHanger has gone on to become one of the most successful civilian helicoplets ol all time Gradual upgrades of equipment have allowed police operations to take plat e at any time of day. in all weathers, leaving criminals little choice luu to surrender to the police when they are tracked down.

In a more peacelul guise, аігіюгпс patrols are made along


Aix>licf chant; ends in u darkened alley; the. culprit has escaped the ригмііп. Ц |»lkc officers, and has concealed himself in the nearby wrxxls A few years ago similar situations often resulted in failure for the police Inn now. having simmindeil the iinnifduite area, they tan ask for airixirne assistance.

Within riumiies a jsolicc helicopter is circling overhead, using a sophisticated infra-red camera, a ■ an detect the sus|x*ct tluougli his own Ixxly heat. The


Above: A police helicopter prepares to search for suspects. It Is equipped with a powerful searchlight for night­time missions.


America’s super-highways as police forces keep an eye on traffic problems

Despite having lx:en in service for ne-.irly 20 years, tlu – JetRanger will remain the I s jjdxirne ixilice officer for years to come.


EUROPEAN POLICE: Dovelcpod by ttio European company Aerospatiale, tho Ecu гои* ipxturcd bolow) has been adopted by both military and polico orgamsat»oos. Prov-ng to bo л highly capable law enforcement holicoptw, it has boon successful used on anti-drug operations throughout Europe


Musi pence wots am ex-pavoi offers vtxj li£r. v requested training for airborne Лйу Vbsoons am olwn tlowr – wxn an observer who controls the operation a-a raaoo


Most DOi-ce helicopters aie httsa wilfi a sled i/xiercarnage. II required, the JeiRanper can ba modrted to cany largo «oats to undertake operations trrxn water





BRITISH OPERATIONS: Despite the initial cost ol acquiring л sophisticated helicopter, the British police I rave adopted a procedure m whch several forces иве one machine An example of trw rs the MBB 105 (pictunxi below), which » used by the Devon and Cornwall police force bul can also bo operated b>’ neighbouring constabularies.



ICE RESCUE: In January 1982 a Boeing 737 crashed into the froron Potomac River. In a desperate bW to rescue the shocked survivors, a police JetRanger actually submergoa its skids in the water




Bell 206

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