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Подпись: A A tully armed Rooivalk comes V3C Darter air-to-air missiles, pods of 68-mm ungwded rockots. enclosed four- round 80-mm anti-tank missile pods and a chin-mounted cannon.RooivalkDesigned and produced in South Africa by Atlas Aviation, the Rooivalk or ‘Red Kestrel’, is an advanced armod attack helicopter. It can be deployed in support of highly mobile ground forces, in the anti-armour, deep penetration, close air support, reconnaissance and helicopter escort roles. A 20-mm high-speed cannon is carried in the nose turret and an assortment of missiles and other ordnance may be carried on the stub wings.


Atlas Rooivalk


A Crash protection

The cockpits are similar, having head-up displays (HUDs) with night vision compatibility. Crash-worthy structure, protected systems and energy-absorbing seats give crow high crash survivability.

▼ Fast attack

With a top speed of over 300 km/h (185 m. p.h.) and a top climb rato of 670 m (2.200 f. p.m.) per minute, the Rooivalk can avoid detection during an attack thanks to its low radar and infra-red signature.

▼ Adaptable

Operating away from its home base, the Rooivalk can be quickly changed between attack, support and escort roles.


► Dovelopmont of South Africa’s first attack helicopter began In 1981 with tho XH-1 Alpha and XTP-2 Beta tost aircraft.

>• The Rooivalk uses some cloments of the AOrospatialo Puma’s rotor drive systom.

► First flown on 11 Fobruary 1990, the Rooivalk entered service in late 1996.


>• Spocial cockpit systems allow tho crew to survlvo a crash, with sensors that cut off tho oloctrics and fuel automatically.

> An automatic flight control system is fitted, with auto-hover and auto-land.

> Tho Rooivalk is dosignod to operate at low lovol (under 15 m/50 ft) and at high speeds.

Atlas Rooivalk



CSH-2 Rooivalk

Type: attack and battleftetd support hetcoptor

Powerplant: two 1356-kW (i 818-hp.) Topaz turboshafts


Maximum speed: 315 knvb (195 m. p.h >

Initial climb rate: 670 nVmin <2.2001.p. m) Range: 700 km (435 mi.) (without drop tanks) Service ceiling: 6100 m <20.000 tt.|

Weights: empty 5910 kg (13.000 lb ), maximum tako-off 8750 kg <19.250 lb.)

Armament: nosc-mountod singlo-barn 20-mm cannon of doubSe-ba/rel 20-mm cannon, pkjs a varHrty of rockets and misVes on stub wings


main rotor diameter 15.58 m (51 8.2 mj

length overall 18.73 m (61 ft. 7 in.)

freight 5.19 m <17 «.)

rotor disc area 190.60 m’ (2.051 sq tt.)


Above: Rooivalk is able to fly a large number of sorties in the battlefield area, making a hot turnaround with full re-arming and refuelling in 15 minutes.


Left: Multi-role operations can be conducted with pairs of helicopters. One operates in the attack role. The other provides armed roconnaissanco and escort or defends адл/nsf enemy aircraft.





The 5ve-bla0od composite tnf rotor л rented on tho stnifcoard жХ» Ot the swoot-back dorsal *.n. wth a horuontnf slanftvr an the port udn




The faur-blaocd ocmponrto mam rotor hao a duinotoi ot 15 58 m (51 It 2 rv) find и ami* !o that ot the French Puma. It tws a Cappnq nmge nft-jui 38 dogreev An oulomalic lUgh: control yyjtwn c/trwJn uutomafe txjvormg und taruJi’xj locates


the Rooualk ire* a ciuarng *peea wmUr to Pun of those «net modem attack hetcopier®. ore Ш ІЛ-2Є and Eurocool«• T. yre HAP Spaed* лиу лссоnimg so too loam earned; during an attack mason a tirt V loaded rwtcopMr w« ity at an appracobf/ Ooww speed limiting « marosuvmblrty



The fuselage and engine ccrwingc have largo access

panels that. wfiwi lowered, can bo

used as pattorms Уж maritenonco worirors.

The engines have Brer own built-in aulonulc bun – delecton systems


Anoooirv nulcrr. it c Thrwat 051 profecton


, (ft-ro-slabfcsed turret nouses an oetoctmn and Hacking system warning und jarnmny seh r*s амі fitted



Ths ПсочаїхЧ engne* ar* mem ponw>A4 than those of tn* Lurocopfsr l^r*. tiut of a lower hiring than tire Russian IA28 Engine powtw ruts a major tearing on tire speed and toad carryog abiilies of these акгап. mom pcmertui attack

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to lit heavier loads


Тгш МсусЛо landng gear has two fixed h«/i energy absorbing front man logs and. i LvMhnrt. it ttre baas ot the vernal lallm


A tvpcai weapons oad consists of eight anti armoi* axJ tour ar to av missies as wtft as 400 rounds ot 20-mm ammunbon lor the nose-meunted cannon.




oderri attack helicopters


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Mi-28 MAVOC-A’


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day/night and adverse weather attack helicopter developed from the AH-64A


■ MIL Mt-28 HAVOC: Russian battlefield attack helicopter planned to replace the successlul Mt-24 ‘Hrd’ in the Russian army.