The world’s first


AH-1G/S HueyCobra

Type: attack/ciose-support helicopter

Powerplant: one 944-kW (1,266-hp.) Lycoming TS3-L-13 of 1210-kW (16?3 hp,)T53-L 703 turboshaft on^nc

Maximum speed: ?77 knvh (172 m. p h.)

Range: 574 km (357 ml.)

Service ceiling: 3530 m <i 1.600 ft)

Weights: empty 2754 kg (6071 lb maximum take-oft 4309 kg (9.500 lb.)

Armament: one M197 20-mm cannon in nose turret and 998 kg (2.200 lb ) ol ччоаропа (XM-18 Minigun pods and XM-157 70-mm rocket pods) on tour racks


main rotor diameter 13 41 m (44 ft)

tength, rotors turning 16.28 m (53 ft 4m) neight 4.17 m (13 tt. 8 mj

rotor disc area 141.26 m’(1.520 sq. ft.)


Tho cockpit ban

OuOofpmof par«K but the forward tusetogo » narrow and only KfitV nrmotrod.


improved this fine helicopter. The engine power, performance ami armament bad all Ікх-п enhanced by 1972 wIk-л the All-1 proved e>|K4’t;tlly valuable during llie North Vietnamese offensive Already successful using guns and rockets for direct support of ground troops, rite Cobras were pitched against Communist PT-76 light tanks.

flic early ilesign was so elfective that improved versions of llie All-1 Cobra were ordered for the Army and the US Marine Girps beginning in the 1970s,


І Us nM|inrvmeni lor titc

worlds first aimed battleftel fciitcnpter. tlu Ik-11 лі! I Cobra often called the llueyCobra.

The Idea had arisen before Victn. ini. hut the Cobra arrived on the scene цім when It was Deeded In the Southeast Asia conflict Hie All I featured a Streamlined, narrow-widlh fuselage tlut accommodated a two-man crew in tandem seats with the pilot above and behind the ciх-pilol/gunner Tin – I S Army progressively


77te HueyCobra unleashes a deadly BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided) missile towards an unsuspecting tank. It is guided to the target by a trailing wire.


Botn rboarti pykns carry the союзе ormumont of «won tour*) 70 mm LAU 68 ungukkxJ rockot packs tor the itoslrix-J**) of Ujdt larger» and иготгткх/«3 WV4C*»-


Outboard a hoavier teod о» 19 round LAU69 rocket pods is caned tn total the AW IGcar>(k4rt? y 52 uoyiKlod 70 mm rockots


twin-engined versions replaced ■first generation’ l|ueyG>bnis These newer combat helicopters still remain with some units.




The tai and fuselage am very sterder.

I>us enaC*» tfte fnAocrxo to 9y light tind knv at Ігор top

tovnl to ftotp rrvw*: its rwwcnco


The AW • I retained the UH-IS charactereticary nc*sy two-btaded mum rotor system and tnkage

  The world’s first



The ™ common tandem seatng of the gurvw and |s*ot wns t*st r-wooucod nto oombot on a Imuxvlir by itio AW 1 In otrly Wrtnnm modbii befool tho or. non was fitted, a single 40-mm grronde-teunchr? or twin 7.6? mm ax-tvinul Млдігіа were carr«d.


Ї77 kmk (IT? «i. y.fc.)"


The two-bladed ta# KAOi is domical to that of tho llW-t


ГТ0 knit (1M m. pJL)


EivV Cobra’S hod о a*Kjln Texlrun Lyconung 153 ТигіюзіиЯ rated at 994 kW|l33?hpl Later modern nave two


Th* Hmd o a tor txypor notcoptar aa it la alto dergned aa а troop comer and їв powered by two t»g* engine*. ThaAH-tQia at the other end ей the «poctnim. powed by a ar>gle. nfa’-viKy wuUi engine and reading on a «roormned ahape and ugnr соглГтьс&ол tor its performance



^Шійса-^и. і■____________________________________________________________ ,чля

nuiTin ctattc aduv ____________________

’ ї*г ■ ■’—/

UNUU’ > і A 11. *»H. v ———————————— 1


Tho AW-1 л-as deigned and rievekipea n such a shed pored ol time that, wherever posafte systems were kept either the зате as these n the UH-t or were made smote tfco the prmjrve tai tump»


The Huo, Ccty. i riaa ampler but very tout/i tund«<j stoOs rattior than a complex rctraddnw urukxcomagv


AH-1G MUrrCOSIU ITHX лк Ml t МІ-ЯПШЮ-А’ M4 kW (12ftS ftp.) 1342 Mf 11800 hp.) 2231 lew (M01 fc*.|

  The world’s first


American resisiance was provided by AC-130 Spectre gunships and la/ge numbers of mmbte AH-1 attack helicopters



proved wull-sultod to i nkling in an iebnn thoatro. In ono of its first v operations, tho 8GI.1 71A TOW missite was used against tho Viet v“* Cong’s T-54 heavy tanks. Several ЯЛъ wore nudtufiijpg the system


integrated суяспп. V» 9Л on И» lyr» can be 4lted aa rooxnxl




The world’s first


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