UH-1B/C Iroquois

• Airborne jeep • Multi-role helicopter • NATO workhorse

Bell’s Model 204 formed the basis for one of the most successful series of helicopters ever built. Flown for the first time in October 1956. it was designated XH-40, then HU-1 by the US Army (who called it the ‘Huey’), before a designation change to HU-1 A Iroquois. The HU-1 В introduced a more powerful engine and the HU-1C had a new rotor system. Later still the HU – designation was changed to UH-. Variants were built by Agusta in Italy.

A High speed bird

Подпись:Подпись:UH-1B/C IroquoisSeveral test configurations were used on the ‘Huey’, increasing the speed to 402 km/h (250 m. p.h.).

▼ Overseas success

Built under licence by Agusta in Italy as the AB 204. this ‘Huey’ servos in the anti-submarine role. Early versions of the UH-1 remain In servico throughout Europe.

UH-1B/C IroquoisA Weapons platform

An Italian example demonstrates the otiensnre capabilities ot the UH• 1 by lifting off with two pylon-mounted machine-guns and 21 rockets.

Anti-tank missiles^

The ■Huey’ was employed in the development of the first аи-to-ground missile for the US Army, which was used in Vietnam.


>• Four prototype YUH-1Bs were ordered in Juno 1959, with the First flight taking placo in the following April.

► A total of 1,010 UH-1Bs were produced in Italy, Japan and the United States.

► The YUH-1В set an unofficial world speed record of 357 km/h (222 m. ph.) in May 1964.

> Differences between tho В and C models included a modifiod rotor system, wider rotor blades end a larger fin.

Tho ‘Huoy’ was tho first helicoptor to see widespread use as a gunshlp.

Tho Royal Australian Air Force was the First non-US customor for 8 UH-1Bs.

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