UH-1D/H Iroquois

• Classic design • Thousands in service • Vietnam veteran

Подпись:UH-1D/H IroquoisOn 16 August 1961, Bell test-flew a

‘second-generation’ ’Huey’ helicopter, marking the start of a long career for the D and H models of tho UH-1 Iroquois.

This second-phase ‘Huey’ offered greater lifting capability, had a longer fuselage (by about one metre/yard) and a largor loading door than earlier helicopters in the series.

Tho UH-1D/H helicopter began to arrivo in Vietnam in 1965.

A Spanish ‘Huey’

UH-1D/H Iroquois


Several UH – M hehcoptors serve with the Spanish army and a handful fly as trainers with the country’s air force. They aro known as HU. lOBs.

A Antipodean Iroquois

Ton UH-IHs and five UH – IDs were delivered to the Royal New Zealand Air Forco. They are flown by crows from the army and air force and аго often used by oversoas detachments.

UH-1D/H Iroquois

A Built in Germany

Dormer built 352 UH – IDs under licence. Manufacture has also taken place in Italy.

Japan and Koroa. Interestingly, few sales have been made to the civilian market.

South American SAR ►

Brazil operates both the UH-1D and the slightly того powerful UH – 1H. This aircraft is configured for search and rescue duties. Other South American operators include Argentina. ChUe and Panama.

UH-1D/H Iroquois

A Into the 21st century

Having initiated a comprehensive upgrade programme to its UH-1 fleet in the late 1980s. the US Army is looking to further upgrade tho aircraft with now engines and avionics. Boll’s submission, tho UH – 1HP ‘Huey IT. first flew in August 1992.

UH-1D/H Iroquois


Подпись:Textron-Lycoming’s T53-L-13 engine bccamo standard on tho UH-1H;

Boll produced 5.43S o( this model.

New Zealand was tho first overseas purchaser of UH-1H ‘Hueys’.

Between 1958 and 1980 the US Army purchased 9.440 ‘Huoys’ ot all versions.

UH-1D/H Iroquois
UH-1D/H Iroquois

Loft; Simple boom-type mountings on the fuselage sides allow a variety of light weapons to be carried, including rocket pods and machine-guns.


Powerpl3nt: one 1044-kW (1.400-hp. J Avco Lyconint) T53-1-13 furboshatl engine

Maximum speed: 204 km«i (127 m p. h) <atso maximum cruisjng speed!

Range: 511 km <317 mi.) at soa level Sorvice ceiling: 3840 m (12.600

Weights: empty 2363 kg <62Ю lb). maximum tako-otf 4309 kg <9.500 lb»

Accommodation: їло pilots, crew chief,

12 to 14 lully-armed combat troops, or six stretchers plus three seats for mod-cal evacuation work, or 1759 kg <3.878 lb.) freight


mam rotor diameter 14,63 m (48 ft.)


and several arc binding their way onto the second-hand civilian market, even though Bell found little commercial interest in new examples Many operators look to the aircraft’s proven reliability and global distribution to make Hying their ex-military helicopters as economical as possible

Bell’s lluey is set to lx* an ini|x>rtant Irelicopter well into the next century.


Right: UH – Is.

often in UN colours, have boon involved in military and humanitarian operations all over the world.


12.77 m (41 П. 11 in.) (14 ft 5 in,) 168. П nT <1.809 sq. ft.)


fuselage length height 4.41 m rotor cSsc area


UH-1H Iroquois


This UH-1 wears the typical drab green colours ot tho US Army and was one ot many UH-1H helicopters to havo served in Germany. – Hueys’ have boon operated by US military (orcos in almost every theatre.


UH-1D/H Iroquois

tn No,’>.W tt)91 tho US Л/my requested tho devdoomnot uf rwrw «треста rDt. y credos for its UH t H ftcet. A contract to 5.000 blades was shared OQuOffy bctvwon Bo* arxt Booing However. tne triples nwy bo dumped yet argiri n u new term ot u(>grarJes


The UH -1 l«wn a two-Uidod 1 main гой or. with a stafc-ir-.ng bar nt


Witt» its lengthened cotwi, me Ш-1И can сапу л Ілпт» районі Тіш nvikes nArtsBOwl о» іфд’оок) Іклу»’ mi iiit/ncthe сморогаюп ки *а ятя I hat might оііюгмие buy tho Lyra or Par/rx*


1609lg|S. W7 lb.)


In common with many oameftofc) utftty hehcoptorv the UH-1M I» 0*1 no u>«d tor mcecal evacuabcn msuern. in inn min,1 in Ur теме etlectivn even mo Punthe* or the Lynx.


ІЖ ІН IROQUOIS 6 itretctara lYUI AH. Mk t

3ilrtfcbers AJ 56»» PANTHER

4 Uralcbers


‘Hueys’ at work worldwide


‘•’"’’пат, the ‘Huey’ has become ‘7 heicopte. m tho West’s air H is beginning to bo


UH-1D/H IroquoisUH-1D/H IroquoisUH-1D/H IroquoisUH-1D/H Iroquois


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