S-58/H-34 Choctaw

• ASW/utility helicopter • US Army, Navy and Marines • Piston engine

Anew generation of helicopter design was ushered in by Sikorsky’s S-58. Prior to its first flight in 1954, helicopters had been built for their unique capabilities, with little thought given to their role suitability. The S-58, operated by the US Navy, Marines and Army, was a highly versatile helicopter suited to a variety of roles. It went on to win many export orders in both military and commercial versions and a few still remain in service.

▼ US Coast Guard rescue

Based on the Manncs HUS – 1A (CH-34E) version, six HUS-1G (HH-34F) helicopters, capablo of operating on amphibious pontoons, were delivered to tho Coast Guard.


A Japanese HSS-1

Japan obtained a large number of ox-US Navy HSS-1s (nicknamed tho ‘Hiss-1’ in US sorvico) and used them in the soarch-and-roscuo role.


▼ Back to Earth

HUS-1 helicopters belonging to the Marines had the honour of recovering several astronauts and their capsules from the sea.


S-58/H-34 Choctaw


S-58/H-34 Choctaw

◄ Bullpup shot

Several experiments were earned out with armed H-34s, but none entered service. This Mannos HUS-1 makes an early test firing.


► When he checked in for e Sabena S-58 flight, Igor Sikorsky was asked if his name was spelt like the helicopter‘s.

► US military designation changes in 1962 led to tho HSS-1 becoming the SH-34G.

► ‘Doughnut’ bags could bo fixed to tho S-58 undercarriage to make it amphibious.

► US Army CH-34s maintained a constant patrol along the border of West Germany with Czechoslovakia and East Germany.

► The US Army-Marines Executive Flight Detachment used VH-34D aircraft.

>■ A total of 603 S-58s woro delivered to tho US Marines.

Подпись: W:Подпись: fuselage ami tail rotor forwards, anil the main rotor could also Ix- li tided The I‘S Marines used the stripped-out' Ill'S-1 Seahorse as a 12-seal utility transport Hie 15 Amty, in a similar ) visit ion to the Navy, was disappointed with the 1'ia.seiki H-21 and ordetvd the H-.3IA Choctaw straight oil the produnmn line in l‘>55. Hu- 359 ordered by the Army could each cam 18 troops.Подпись:S-58/H-34 ChoctawПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:

Подпись: Sikorsky S-58 selection ■ M-34A CHOCTAW; H-34s bocame tho standard OS Army llgti! transport helicopter. This helicopter has an unusual ttn- hH>_ i-ed whip acnal and was later updated to H-34B standard
Подпись: И H-34A: Sikorsky deivered 90 H-34As to the French army and Sud-Awation built a further 166 under tcence for army and navy use In the Algerian war Подпись: И S-58T New York Heticopto' received two ot these turbmo engined conversions, which were fitted with a greater number of windows S-58B/D models are the most popular for conversion
S-58/H-34 Choctaw

Подпись:Подпись:S-58/H-34 ChoctawПодпись:Подпись:S-58/H-34 ChoctawS-58/H-34 Choctaw

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