Подпись:Подпись:S-61R/CH-3In 1962 tho USAF borrowed threo SH-3A helicopters from the US Navy. Used for transport as CH-3Bs, these aircraft from tho Sikorsky S-61 series impressed tho Air Force so much that it ordorod a now version for its own use. Known as tho S-61R, this transport helicopter went on to save many lives in tho CSAR (combat search and rescue) role over Vietnam as the ‘Jolly Green Giant’ and, from 1968, with the US Coast Guard as the Pelican.

▼ Italian navy SAR

Agusta built 20 HH3Fs from 1973. These were similar to US Coast Guard aircraft

S-61R/CH-3A Inflight refuelling

In 1966 the USAF revealed a series of tests using a US Marine Corps KC-130F tanker. Ten contacts of up to five minutes duration worn performed.

▼ Civilian model

Sikorsky’s own S-6IR hovers above the first USAF CH-3C. As the aircraft was designed around a USAF requirement, commercial buyers did not appear.

▲ Practice rescue

US Coast Guard machines used their search radar, hoist and amphibious capabilities to tho full. The HH-3F was used to search coastlines and out at sea.

Test boom ►

Carrying an air data boom for experimental and test purposes, tho first CH-3C. in common with others of the modol. was later upgraded to CH-3E standard.


► Two HH-3£s mode the first non-stop transatlantic hollcoptor nights in 1967, making nine tanker contacts each.

► The first S-61 R flow on 17 June 1963. almost ono month ahead of schedule.

► The CH-3E could scat up to 30 troops or carry 2270 kg (5,000 lb.) of cargo.

► At least nine USAF surplus CH-ЭЕв and HH-3Es woro purchased by tho US Coast Guard to supplement their 40 HH-3F*.

► In 1975 CH/HH-3Es bocatno the first helicopters in tho US Air National Guard.

► Variants of Sikorsky’s S-70 have replaced S-61 Rs in US service.

Подпись: USAF’s ‘Jolly Green Giant’

Подпись: till Ж-ЗЕ p»ov*3od ііз W/o-man tight crew л<П; arinoir protoctcn and a comprehenv.« to and i«vv>,iionat intones euia *ir4 Guard Hri 3Fs added search radar ■ ruvihmo ср«ліку»5 Up to 15 stretcher could be oocomrrodated at the uiTftMCon cabn


Подпись: /7
Подпись: Multi-mission S-61 R
Подпись: JL!
Подпись: USAF CH-3C DRONE RECOVERY: DC-130 Hercules released . reconnaissanco or target drones. After using up oA their fuel U those drones uro rocovorod by tho CH-3C and returned to base, where they may be prepared for ro-usa.

Подпись: This is an Air Force Reserve squadron HH-3E in standard 'European One' camouflage. In 1990 the HH-60G Pave Hawk began replacing HH-3E&. The now helieoptor retains all the best features of its ancestor, including jettisonable external tanks and an IFR probe. Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: 113S Un (70S el.)Подпись:

Подпись: UA KING НМ.Ык 3 Подпись: tOOS кв (624 at.)

In order jo satisfy the l.’SAFs requirements. Sikorsky found that.1 major redesign of the 41-3 anti-submarine ariant of the S-61 was necessary Піе company designated the new helu opter S-61 К and four versions of the basic amphibious transport design were built.

Principal amongst the design c lunges were j tricycle nose – wheel undercarriage and a large re-.tr loading ramp door. Of the initial С. ІІ-.ІС tnodel. il were Iniilt In-fore production of the

ИН-ЗЄ* wtra th* trst г-‘cooter» to cairy r*- ‘-f’l intuokng Doorna 1hr> отес» was ‘otoscope.

tending to лмс* Js – Titracted length n oraor to • eep the HC – t30Y aroguo ma retoniing hose wen ear ottne rotor blades.

1119-kW T5H-5 engined CH-3E Ixrgan hi 1966. Meanwhile, the I’S. M – had an urgent need for a helicopter ca|)ahle oi rescuing downed aircrew in a hostile environment – Vietnam

Optimised for CSAR. the HH-3F hail armour, defensive machine-guns, jeltisoruhle long – range fuel tanks and an in-flight refuelling і HR) piolx* Such was the ability of the ІИІ-.ЗК that it often rescued downed. lircraft as well as aircrew and became known as the Jolly Green Giant’.

The last development was the

Above: CH-3Es also carried a winch above the starboard forward door, adding extra flexibility and giving the helicopter a secondary SAR role.

HU-ЗІ1 Pelican for the I S Coast Guard. Basically an HH-3H with military equipment removed, the aircraft gave superb service into the 1990s, Hying long-range rescue ami anti-drug missions.

Below: The roar loading ramp had upper and lower parts, allowing vehicles up to 2.21 metres (7 ft. 2 In.) tall to bo loaded. Large sponsons on either side of the fuselage kept the aircraft stable on water and accommodated the main landing gear.




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