S-62/HH-52 Seaguard

• Search and rescue helicopter • Turbine-powered • Overlooked

Подпись:S-62/HH-52 SeaguardConceived in the mid-1950s, the S-62 incorporated several new foaturos. The US Coast Guard was sufficiently interested to purchase the typo as tho HH-52A Seaguard. A singlo T-58 turbine, a relatively spacious fusolage and amphibious capability made tho S-62 an ideal search and rescue helicopter, particularly for coastal areas. It was capable of operating from almost any surface in just about any weather.

4 On land and water

Ono or the prototypes performs a ‘powor-off landing. As an amphibious helicopter, the HH-52 proved ideal in the coastal SAP role.

S-62/HH-52 Seaguard▼ Northern search and rescue

HH-52s operating from ice-broakors received а bnght orange scheme with a white stripe for greater conspicuity over the frozen sea.

▲ Rig support

First order for the S-62 came from Petroleum Helicopters, which purchased a single oxample for serving large offshore oil rigs located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sikorsky on the silver screen ►

This strange-looking machine is actually a South African example, modified to represent an ‘enemy’ gunship, possibly an Mi-24, tor film purposes.


< Special equipment

As first delivered to tho US Coast Guard. HH-52S featured automatic stabilisation, towing equipment and other features tailored tor the rescuo mission.


S-62/HH-52 Seaguard



HH-52s bused at Houston, Texas, frequently practised recovory ot tho NASA Apollo astronauts.

► First night of the Sikorsky S-62 took place on 22 May 19S8.

► A small number of Scaguards wero put on display In musoums after retirement.

Nino oxamptes wore built undor llconco (or service with Jopanose Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF).

► One US Coast Guard machino wa3 used in tho film Airport ’77.

► A civilian S-62B modol was built, but it was not popular on the civil market

Подпись: Unsung rescue helicopters Подпись: HH-52A Seaguard Type: US Coast Guard as-weathcr amphibious rescue hobcoptor

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:S-62/HH-52 SeaguardПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: ■ S-61 SEA KING: SlmSjir in appearance to the smaller S-62. :i>6 Sea King was one ot the most successful helicopters built by koreky. и was widely exportedПодпись:Подпись:S-62/HH-52 SeaguardПодпись: Powcrplant: ooo 932-kW (1.249-ftp.) General Electee T58-GE-8 turboshaft engineПодпись:Подпись: Range: 762 hm (473 mi»Подпись:Подпись: Weights: empty 2224 kg |4.900 tor. kxtdoo 376S kg (8.300 lb.)Подпись:Подпись:S-62/HH-52 SeaguardПодпись: Accommodation: two plots sitting side-by-skie and one loadmastcr, plus seating for up to 11 fully equipped troops it requiredПодпись: HH-52A SEAGUARD

S-62/HH-52 Seaguard


In commercial aviation. Sikorsky’s S-62 was overshadowed by other l. cliiopier. v Ihe US Coast Guard liked it entMigli to use the type from 1963 to 1989 for shod – to medium-range rescue work. The ability to land on water, not found in – inv of today’s Coast Guard helicopters, helped the ІІП-52Л Seaguard in its rescue duties Ihe HH-52A also joined the <x him Guard ice patrol operations. llxxtrd powerful ice-breakers. Typical was Operation Deep I a-e/e. the exploration «>f the

Antarctic in 1973. The aim ol this project was to improve ice­breaking services, thus assisting the movement of maritime traffic through icy waterways.

Coast Guard pilots anti crewmen were quite fond ot the ІІН-52А – especially its ability to Operate in all weathers. Although most living was conduclcd In mi short* bases Coast Guard crewmen also serviced the HH-52A onboard ship, which often proved to lie.1 demanding task By the time the Iasi examples retired during 1989. HH-52s had

Above: Toward the end of their service lives, HH-S2s were upgraded with Northrop forward – looking infra-red sensors, mounted in a small turret on the nose.

gained distinction for rescuing muiv people Ilian any other helicopter They were replaced by Aerospatiale 1111-65 Dolphins



MH S2A 175 ka.1i |1И аї р k)

«ISUXMkt 212 kauti (1X7 m. p k I

la-2S7S ‘К0ЯМ0НЕ-С 70» kmk (130 m. p h.)



5715 kg 117,600» I


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