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Подпись:S-65/CH-53О no of the rotary-wing marvels of tho Vietnam era, the Sikorsky S-65 was the largest helicopter built outside the USSR. Its dynamic parts (rotor, gearboxes and control system) were developed from those of the earlier S-64 SkyCrane and made extensive use of titanium. Fitted with folding rotor blades for shipboard stowage and given the designation CH-53 Sea Stallion by the US Marines, the S – 65 emerged as the world’s most capable assault transport.

Sikorsky S – 65/CH-53

◄ Grenada attack

The CH-53 saw action In tho US invasion of Grenada, landing large numbers of Mannes. The CH-53 fleet suffered no casualties in the operation, although UH-60s and AH – Is were shot down.


▲ Heavy lifter

The CH-53 was one of the few
helicopters in Vietnam that could
recover damaged aircraft, such
as this Grumman A-6D.

▼ Soldiering on

Although succeeded in the 1980s
by the more powerful СН-53Є
Super Stallion, the CH-53D
remains in widespread service.




► US Air Force CH-53 cargo-haulors and HH-53B/C ‘Super Jollios’ began reaching Vietnam In 1967.

> Tho Interior of the CH-53 Is fitted with rollers for easy movement of cargo.

>• Air Force special operations HH-53Hs and MH-53JS are rebuilds of HH-53B/Cs.

>• Germany has the biggest fleet of S-65s outsido tho USA. VFW-Fokker licence – built 110 of the helicopters for the army.

>• RH-530s wore usod as transports in the hostage roscue attempt in Iran In 1960.

>• Marine pilots demonstrated that the S-65 could perform loops and rolls.

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