Sikorsky’s stunning S-58

К. П the Bdl XHSI.-1 anti-Mibimriiu – warfua – <AS\ > Ікгік’орісг рлпічі disappointing, tin.- l.’S Navy was цілі lh. il il luil iHilcrwl tlx*

>rsky XIISS-1 as. t lxt« k-up V – ilIISS*I Soabat, the m-\

І, і optc-t entered I S Navy service in Лиры 1955. with aircraft often living in hunter-killer pairs anil later in і Iasi – co-operation with ASVIi ships.

Пи* HSS-1N version pioneered the use of the auto-hover

riwin IvxJ on охаЛспТ view from "v nigh-sot cocfcp« and wge culm *mdowB Thirm windows couO bo ato to tlio reor along la lor coohng or а bnrim wnv verteady downwards

An I t 1820 nmn cyVndtr ilogorr. ilymoimlcd a->rm drove tho Wgn jpcod s-‘ult to the main 9 *box Cooing ая was ікали m tlvough Urge 9 • і; arouml the щгрг» паев. Comptofe eng mo •r ::ess was provKlod by the ctamshee Лхгі w’xh formed live nose

A> S 58s had a small horeontn^ stobfaser W4»vn tlw to*n stiucturc muted lately twfcrw this, was ті» geettx» whxh Inknri tie lal rotor rfrveshaft to a tong shatt nut earned drive Irom the mam gearbox to the tail

Nfcet S-58& reii*nod the la*- foklmg oftlw anginal HSS-1, The tai folded along tfvs hnge Ime to te aong the felt lusetage side and was useki for transportation

H-34A Choctaw

Type: iiir. ton-engined transport helicopter

Powerplant: one t t37-kW (1.524-ho I Wngtit R-1820-848/D Cydone radial piston oogmo

Marimum speed: :96 km/h (122 m. p.n I at sea


Initial climb rate: 335 m/mn (1.100 t. pan.) at sea lever

Range: 397 km (2S0 mi) with standard fuel

Hower ceiling: 1490 m (4.900 (Ц in ground offed: 730 m (2.395 ft.) out ot ground nffoci

Weights: empty oquppod 3515 kg (7.749 lb.); maximum lake-otl 6350 kg (14.000 lb.)


main rotor diamotor 17.07 m (56 It.)

lervgin. rotors turning 17.27 m (56 tt 7 In.) hwght 4 85 m (15 «1. 10 in )

main rotor disc area 228 8t nr’ (2.463 sq M I



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