Sikorsky to the rescue


ussian-born aviation

pioneer Igor Sikorsky was one of the most ini|K>rtanl futures in rotary-winjt aviation, and the angel of mercy S-t>l was one of Itis most remarkable achievements built m land ba set I and amphibious versions tin S-<tl і ante into being panlv Kvaukc friemlly tuitions nmlcd и for military tasks, iitc lulling. іПТІ-snhmarine and точне work. However, civil S-fils ІЧЧ.1ІПЄ fjniaMic perlormers for Sikorsky sopplung ollshoie otlrigv

£спКтдзагв uauuly ftown by two txiats. &Л can hr. Sown single honrlnd Rescue enrwr. jvtwrfy mdudo n ns-ich operator and wmchman

helping ti uvstruclkm project*, and shuttling airline passengers No role filled by the ubiquitous S-61 i. s more important than us continuing duty in offering salvation to chose endangered by natural catastrophe, lire, ship-sinking, and other calamities The S-61 offers the speed, range and lifting capability to fly quicklv to a trouble spin trover, and lift people to safety. It can curry a considcTable amount of search gear, food and medicine.

bright yellow RAF Sea Kings are a common sight along the I к coastline in the summer mouths rescuing people stranded on clifTs or at мм Nibone knows the numlter of successful S-61 rescues. Imt the figure probably exceeds JO. OOO

The S-61R rs a revised Soa King incorporating a rear ramp. As with most Sea Kings it con land on water, but this rarefy happens: lf)o high-mounted engines and gearbox make it top-heavy and vulnerable to swamping in all but the calmest of seas.



748 kn<h|1SSn.|l.4.)


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MI-14 КЛХГ П pMsenters

Sikorsky to the rescue



Sikorsky to the rescue

Endurance * a key quality in a rescue hetcopter See doascan can lam place hundred» a* mitee hem shcre. and once there rt can U»e several minute» to winch up one serwor A tiAl load can take hour» to hoist, so good novenrg ability в «Паї


■ MAKING THE PICK-UP: Onco survivors ate ■ REWARD:

found, their location ts supplied to heicopiers Success to the Const and fast surface craft, which make the rescue. Guard is n scono like

this: a mother and daughter safo in a fescue heftcopter’s cabin, having been plucked from a Sinking yacht in storm-tossed waters


MH4 – МАЛ’ 1 tin SO aim


Sikorsky to the rescueSikorsky to the rescue


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