Fast-response multi-hole probes

In unsteady flow fields it is necessary to use diagnostic instrumentation with a high frequency response. A probe capable of giving instant in­formation on the three components of velocity and static and stagnation pressures in a stream is achieved by including unsteady pressure transducers directly into the body of the probe.

The highest response rate of 5 kHz is obtained with the transducers positioned in the head of the probe (Figure 2.32) with a diameter of

Подпись: Figure 2.32

Sectional view of a quick-response probe with transducers embedded in the tip

Подпись: Figure 2.33

Sectional view of a five-hole probe with transducers embedded in the shaft

about 13 mm. If smaller heads are needed (about 2 mm in diameter), the transducers must be placed in the shaft (Figure 2.33).

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