HH-60H Rescue Hawk

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Подпись:HH-60H Rescue HawkBased upon the SH-60B Seahawk, the HH-60H is a specialised combat rescue variant. Entering service in 1990 it has proved highly effective, giving the US Navy a much-needed dedicated rescue helicopter. Two detachments from HCS-4 and -5 took part in Operations Desort Shield and Desert Storm, whore the HH-60s flow a total of more than 750 mission hours. The US Coast Guard also took delivery of a rescue Seahawk, known as the HH-60J.

▼ Air force rescue

HH-60H Rescue HawkLike the Navy, the US Air Force also operates a Feet of roscue variants based on the UH-60 Black Hawk. Those foaturo retractable refuelling probes.

▼ Close co-operation

Since 1991 Roscue Hawks have been deployed aboard comers, alongside SH-60F Ocean Hawks providing additional and useful rescue capability.

A Coast guard variants

HH-60H Rescue HawkI Besides the US Navy, the Coast Guard also operates a fleet of machines known as HH-60J Jayhawks. These have no armament.

◄ Unsung heroes

HH-60H Rescue HawkAlthough perhaps lacking tho glamour o1 their naval counterparts, tho Coast Guard Jayhawks have an important rote and are often used on anti-drug smuggling missions oft the south-eastern USA and around the Bahamas.


► During tho Gulf War tho two HH-60H detachments remained combat-ready 95 por cent оГ the time.

► Both the airframe and tho engines are shared with the SH-60F Ocoan Hawk.

► Surviving aircraft are being upgraded with defensive armament.

> First operational deployment of tho HH-60H took place In 1990. when HS-2 took the type aboard USS Nimitz.

> US Coast Guard HH-OOJs have grentor endurance than their Navy counterparts.

> Forward looking infra-red turrets have been fitted to the HH-OOs in recent yoars.

Подпись: vessels such as frigates and tit’s)r<и< <usi Guard iiii-foi Jayhaw ks are primarily land- based. hut arc* sometimes deployed aboard c utters Experience with helicopter rescues in Meinani confirmed the need for sturdier machines and the llit-60 features titanium naors capable of ahsorHng hits from larjte ami-aircraft shells. an<l Considerable protection Ibr lx»th tin? pilots and cabin personnel. Coast Guard aircraft lack the comprclicnsh e avionic's fit and Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:HH-60H Rescue HawkHH-60H Rescue Hawk
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